You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These masonry drill bits feature super-hard carbide tips for blasting through concrete, tile and masonry!
This set of durable titanium nitride coated drill bits lasts six times longer than standard drill bits. Titanium nitride drill bits run cooler, drill smoother and last longer than standard bitsHigh speed steel120 deg.
These high speed step drill bits feature a titanium nitride coating so they run cool and are made out of high speed steel for a long service life. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

3 piece set of titanium nitride coated, high speed steel bits replaces 28 individual drill bits. The drill bits automatically deburr holes as you drill and the two-flute design provides faster, smoother cutting.
From drilling concrete to powering through brickwork, these masonry drill bits are excellent for a variety of heavy duty applications!
If you turn them much faster you will burn them up no matter what brand they are or what you are boring into.
I have drilled only a few holes in metal, so don't know how well they hold up there, but for drilling wood and composite, they are awesome. I burned up 3 bits trying to run them high speed and that was with a pre-drilled pilot hole.

I grabbed a second drill bit and was able to complete the hole but the carbide tip was about 50% gone. I would have expected them to last for at least the 4 holes I needed to drill but after just one hole it was obvious these drill bits wouldn't be able to handle the job. Surprisingly, the tips have remained sharp and effective at starting holes, which is the the key.

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