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The Multi angle drill bit is precisely manifactured from High carbon steel which could replace auger bits, spade bit, forstner bit, route bits to cutting wood, channel, mortises and even curved holes.Patent No. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Not only are you getting a drill and drill bit from us, but you are getting the Swift-Set drill guide. In most cases, the alignment tool ships same time as your pool fence (otherwise you will be notified regarding a delay due to stock). There are other guides by other companies that hold the drill bit at the correct angle the same as this guide; however, because of the unique angle-setting configurations on the sides, changing angles can be done without removing the drill bit from the guide!

You will have all the tools you need in one set to drill the holes and drill them at the correct angle.
In Florida, the concrete is usually softer and the bits will last for around 100 feet of fence. Your rental period begins the day of receipt of the rental from UPS and lasts through the immediate following weekend. All you have to do is carefully package the drill alignment tool and affix the box with the provided return label and promptly drop it off at a nearby UPS store.
The largest complaint previously about drill guides was having to remove the bit form the drill chuck, remove the bit from the guide, change the angle, and put it all back together again for one hole to be drilled. When you are ready to drill, find your angle for that particular hole by moving the bolts on the side to the proper setting.

Alternatively, we previously also used a drill with an angle finder on the side for quick progress through angle changing; however, some customers have felt more comfortable with a jog holding the angle for them. If you purchase an extra bit and do not use it, we will give you a full refund on the price of the bit if you send it back with the rental.

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