We continue to add new chucks and accessories to complement our cordless drill range and expand its functionality. 100-Piece Accessory Kit Has It All The Holy Grail among PC modding guys and gals, this Craftsman 100-PC Accessory Kit has everything you need to get the job done. Yesterday, we posted a bit about Ridgid’s new 12V JobMax cordless tool system, and the first combo set that includes an auto hammer head and an oscillating multi-tool attachment.
Power Base Handle with tool-free quick connect interface, 4-direction adjustable head positions, and variable speed trigger. Right Angle Impact Driver head with mar-resistant cover, and rated at 650 in-lbs with no-load speeds of 0-2000 rpm and 0-3100 ipm. Two 12v lithium ion batteries with 30 minute charger, and a Ridgid heavy duty contractor tool bag.
As of yet, we still don’t know when these new JobMax tools will be released or how much they will cost. Ridgid’s new JobMax lineup falls under their Fuego group of cordless tools, which are described as the fastest, lightest, and most compact in their class. The previously mentioned drill, auto hammer, and oscillating multi-tool JobMax kit should hit stores in early March, and so until we learn better, we’ll assume this this right-angle kit will be released at the same time or shortly thereafter. As far as soft tool bags are concerned, I prefer them to hard cases for smaller cordless tools, unless of course they’re made from flimsy 1-mil fabric. And as far as impact driving goes, 650 in-lbs is about the norm for 12V units these days, with a few brands’ models outputing 800-850 in-lbs. I will agree that compact 12V tools in general typically compromise performance and capabilities compared to 18V versions.
The second RIDGID jobmax combo with 3 heads will retail at $179, also new job site radio $149, and jawhorse vice coming out soon.
I thought about the LED light placement, but I don’t think it would have worked well to be placed in the individual tool heads.

I checked this out at HD in store demo, only really interested in the ratchet and it’s not suitable for replacing an air ratchet imo. My fourteen year old son treats it better than any other tool that I have and he thinks that it is really cool.
I did find the right angle combo kit selling for less than $150 a few weeks ago, but it looks like the sets are really hard to find in-store now. All Products Panasonic Drill Drivers products are available for review or Purchase at 15.6V Cordless Drill Driver Kit Buy the Best Cordless Drill Makita BHP452HW Review.
Rather than build your tool set bit by bit, save time and money with this versatile all-in-one kit.
The page you’re reading now has info on the right angle drill, ratchet, and impact driver, while this page here talks about the autohammer and oscillating multitool.
The drill is rated at 120 in-lbs and no-load speeds of 0-550 rpm, which is more powerful yet slower than Milwaukee’s standalone offering.
This attachment has an integrated chuck and clutch, which Ridgid claims makes it the most compact in its class.
We’re very excited about these new tools, and will post updates as soon as we find out more. With the new JobMax series, Ridgid may have to add “and most cost efficient” to their claims! For larger tools, then yes, I agree – a durable plastic or metal case is definitely preferably.
For one, this would have required an additional contact between the handle and the tool heads.
The head is in the middle of the body and the body is pretty big, leading to a weird clearance issue.
I’m not sure about its cross-platform accessory compatibility, but will try to find out.

I was hopeful I could purchase only the impact driver, the charger, and possibly two batteries. The Power Base Handle comes with the oscillating tool head, charger, and batteries for $100, and the impact tool head is $50. They’re not perfect compared to standalone, but their performance comes pretty darn close. Everything is made from hardened alloy steel, so you can expect this accessory kit to remain your right-hand man for years to come.
Not only would such a feature have increased the cost of the handle and tool heads by quite a bit, I imagine the risk of failure would have been unacceptably high. This ultra-versatile 100-PC Accessory Kit also comes with a durable, compact carrying case, a must for keeping all those dozens of bits from going rogue and disappearing into some unseen corner of your garage.
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