BioWare has released a 'developer-grade' toolset (the same one that they used to make Dragon Age: Origins) to allow modification and customization of the game (including the editing of saved games). A senior programmer at Bioware claimed that all the interior and exterior levels in the game were made using the level editor. The conversation editor uses an enhanced version of the conversation tree method that was used in Neverwinter Nights. Recent events showed that a module could be packaged in a single file that could be easily installed by the player. Note: this is not intended as a beginners tutorial in using the toolset, new users may find this difficult to follow. Navigate to the export directory (shown in the log window) and move creature_core.ncs to the override directory. Map objects are a way to allow the player to travel from area to area without having to follow a rigid path from one exit to the next. If you start by creating a new map resource within the designer toolkit, you'll quickly find that there is only a very limited pre-defined list of map images that are available for use. This tutorial makes use of a number of different three-letter acronyms and specific terms that may be troublesome to keep track of at first. If we're creating maps for a brand new module we could in theory start with a blank Excel spreadsheet and build the required 2DAs from scratch. This is the core 2DA that defines what maps are available in the Designer Toolset's "Map" dropdown menu. In the case of the worldmaps worksheet there are four columns that contain the data defining the map layout. Label - The name that this map layout will be known by in the Designer Toolkit's dropdown menu. NOTE: The 'MAP' column specifies the filename you need for the map to appear in the toolset. We'll need to add a new row to this table to describe the map area that we want to use in the toolset.
In our hypothetical game module we've got three different cities that the player can reach via the world map; Dunland, Agrabia, and Serepta. All of the source areas are listed in the second column, and then each column after that corresponds to a destination area for that source.
To repurpose this 2DA for Epona's Realm, first copy the worksheet and then rename it to "target_wps_epona". The geometry of these three cities is quite simple, they lie in an east-west row with Serepta to the west, Agrabia in the center, and Dunland to the east. This can be overcome by splitting up a 2DA into different files that all get loaded by the game and are combined into one 2DA internally.
What we'll do now is split out the data relating to our "Epona's Realm" map into a separate M2DA file named worldmaps_epona.GDA. Now when the game encounters this 2DA in the override directory it will keep the data from the original worldmaps 2DA in memory and add the data from worldmaps_epona to it. The game can't use Excel files directly, the 2DAs must first be converted into a "binarized" form called a GDA. Note that there will be a separate GDA file for each worksheet in the XLS file, named after the worksheets in the XLS file.
There's not much to the map itself - its only configurable properties are Parent Map, Tag, and Map.
Initial State - tells the game whether to display the pin and whether to make it clickable; you will often want to have pins on the map that only become available to the player at some point later in the game. Other properties you may wish to set include "Tooltip" (a longer description that will be shown to the player if he hovers the mouse pointer over the pin) and "Waypoint Override", which designates which waypoint in the pin's target area to send the player to when he clicks on it. The "TerrainType" property is used to determine which group of random encounters to draw from.
The default module_core script doesn't handle this event so you'll need to add your own module event script to override this behavior. Area transitions using the default area transition core script can also automatically enable certain map pins when the player travels through them.
If the proper destination areas and waypoints have been set in the map pins (and optionally the target_wps 2DA) the player's movement from one location to another should be handled automatically. Instead, once you have finished doing whatever special-case coding and random encounter tests you choose to implement, you will need to store the destination that you're sending the player to in the module's variable table. Cartographers Guild Map Making Community -Free Great website if you are seeking other tutorials, inspiration, help, possibility of hiring someone to make you a map, and more! Once downloaded extract it to your folder that you copied and edited your worldmaps.xls in. After step 10 you may jump back up to Creating a map and adding pins tutorial, and where your map will have replaced the original world map. By continuing past this page, and by your continued use of this site, you agree to be bound by and abide by the User Agreement.
While our second Builder Event is going on, I wanted to share a little bit about why we are doing this, and then talk a bit more about what we’re specifically covering at the event, and where is this all going. Community for BioWare, and in particular for Dragon Age: Origins, has always been of great importance to us – not only does it contribute to our titles’ long term success, but it also speaks directly to some of the studio’s core values and helps us maintain a level of humility and a reality check on whatever we’re doing at the time. With DA:O, this will actually go well beyond just the traditional website, forums, etc that you are already familiar with and it will also be relevant in the game itself in the form of various features that will provide connectivity from the game directly to the community site.
Builders, or modders, specifically are another integral part of our long term strategy for DA:O.
With DA:O we will be supporting this segment of our community more than any of our previous titles, and working hard to create a much stronger tie between builders and players – after all, players want content, builders want an audience – one of our jobs is going to be to facilitate that and then get the heck out of the way.
One of the challenges this community faces is that, as you may be aware, DA:O is built on a brand new engine and has a new toolset. That’s not to say anyone cannot jump in and do something – there is a lot you can do with little or no knowledge of toolsets. What this means for builders looking to create full adventure modules is that they will now benefit greatly from a collaborative development approach – whereby individuals, each with some expertise in different editors come together to create a module.
Having direct feedback and observing builders as they take their first steps in the DA toolset is absolutely critical for us to get this new builder community and toolset off on the right foot.

With the second Builder Event we have some returning veteran builders from the first event already positioned as mentors, but we have a much greater number of new builders at the event. Fernando Melo is the Dragon Age Online Producer with 15 years of game industry experience and leads the team responsible for everything Dragon Age post release including a fantastic dowloadable content plan, the toolset community of builders and a number of features that tie the game with the website in ways that will make your kidney detonate with glee. By entering this competition you consent to share your work for other community members to benefit from.
Others may use and modify your work in their Dragon Age mods, though are encouraged to give credit. If your work is taken down, you consent for it to be re-uploaded, crediting the work in your name. VFX is used to fire water out of the fish and add distortion and give the illusion of water - please don't give bonus points for the VFX, its just there because its kind of the point of the prop heh! High within the Aronian mountain ranges, the mystic abbots of the Maz-Ti practice their ancient warrior arts. This Contest is now closed, please pick up the bundle from here to see all the great entries!
This is a raffled mini contest coinciding with the Character Contest, which also includes creating conversation for the character - we'd love if you entered both! Any further modifications must be your own work (your own textures, for example) and must be included with the files. Multiple entries are always allowed, however your name will only be entered into the raffle ONCE (more entries will NOT increase your chance of winning). For this contest, please do not use other peoples mods except More Hairstyles and anything which is your own work and is included.
If your work is taken down, you allow for it to be re-uploaded, crediting the work in your name. Users of the toolset have the ability to customize individual game features such as enemy AI and character creation. It is not included on the game disc, but is a free download from the Dragon Age community site. Now, the user can easily make lines that will only appear once, greetings that will only be said once per day, etc.
It will allow users to create their own cutscenes in their modules without any scripting of any kind. This way, it would be possible for module builders to make a module in group without too much difficulty.
Scott Meadows, a BioWare senior programmer, said that they know it is required and that they have planned on providing file formats and wiki instructions on how to do it. They're useful for representing large expanses of wide-open countryside, for example, or a city with various districts that the player can travel between freely but is too large to conveniently fit in a single area. That's because map layouts are defined in a 2DA ("two-dimensional array"), a binary table of data that is used by the toolset to provide definitions but that is not itself editable from it.
Note that a 2DA can be stored in a human-readable or machine-readable format, each of which has their own names. Each Excel spreadsheet can contain multiple worksheets and each worksheet can represent one 2DA, so one spreadsheet can contain multiple 2DAs.
It's much easier, however, to start with an existing copy of the relevant spreadsheet from another module and replace the values within it with our own.
Open it in Excel and you'll find that it contains, among other worksheets, the "worldmaps" worksheet. For the map to appear in game, you must include language specific copies (they don't need to be translated, of course, but the files need to exist).
For this example we have a map of a region named "Epona's Realm", in a file named epona.tga.
Every source needs a destination column, so there should always be a number of columns equal to the number of sources plus two (the "ID" and "SourceLocation" columns).
We'll place waypoints in the eastern and western ends of agrabia_main's area layout to represent the player arriving from each of those directions. When you generate worldmaps.GDA it will include our new map ID 700, but it also includes the old maps with the IDs 1-5.
If in the future some other modder builds on top of your work they can add further worldmap M2DAs, and if a patch comes out that updates the contents of the original 2DA your mod will incorporate it without needing to be updated. To make the map useful beyond simply displaying a graphic we'll need to add map pins (icons representing destinations).
The pointer will turn into a crosshair that you can click anywhere on the map to place a pin (pins can also be dragged around after creation so don't worry if you miss slightly). We'll set Dunland to "grayed out" right now, since we'll want the player to know about its existence but not be able to go there right away. The list of appearances available can be added to in worldmaps.xls, you may have noticed the map_pin_images worksheet when you were editing it earlier. This waypoint overrides the one set in target_wps_epona but has less fine-grained control available; it can be useful for testing purposes.
Setting up random encounters is a more advanced topic that we won't cover in this tutorial. You'll want to set this to your default world map as part of the initial setup of your module, and if you have multiple different maps you'll need to call this function again later in the game to switch which one is active (for example in a plot script that triggers when the player completes a certain task or moves to a certain area). This is a special string that's used to signal the placeable_core script's area-transition-handling code that it needs to show a map instead. However, the game does provide some hooks that allows further customization or non-standard actions to be performed. This code takes into account a lot of special-case situations that are relevant only to the particular plot and structure of the Dragon Age main campaign.
In the Dragon Age main campaign it is used to trigger certain cutscenes that play as a result of world travel. It has only one parameter, an integer flag that indicates whether the map was closed due to cancel being selected or due to the player traveling to a new destination. Once it is saved and has been close run it, if all goes well it should create a folder called convert and it will contain the following GDA's.
Then go get your .tga map you created in what ever program you used and place it into that folder to.

Submit your Dragon Age movies, maps and modifications to FilePlanet and you might even be promoted on our front page. They have been charged with guarding a mystical secret that contains the power of an untold age.
It shouldn't affect the other areas of the of the demo, but you won't be able to reach those areas until you uninstall this module. The Dragon Age toolset is English only, but is able to create content for any language that Dragon Age: Origins supports. Some videos of the editor also showed that it is tied to the plot editor allowing the user to easily change plot flags during dialogues. Users can set their own camera in 3D as well as assign the different animations and line of dialogues to the various NPCs. Maps allow a world to be large without having to detail every little irrelevant place in it. We'll need to assign a unique number ID, which we'll arbitrarily set to 700 (using a high number like this makes it less likely to interfere with other people's additions in the future.).
The next thing we might want to do is create a 2DA that defines which waypoints you wind up in when you travel to each of these areas from each of the possible origin points. In this example, if you're in the "markets" area and then use the map to go to the "elven_alienage" area, you'll be placed at the waypoint "wmw_alienage_from_market". Since the file is in the override directory, these rows override the existing maps with those ID numbers in the single player campaign. The identity of M2DA files is kept track of via their "prefix", a string of text that all M2DAs being with.
Command-line utilities are not very user-friendly, so there are a number of different ways you might use this to make the process easier. Copy these files into your game's override directory along with epona.tga and "Epona's Realm" will become available in the toolset's dropdown menu. You can also add "trails", which are a series of icons that you can make appear between different pins to mark the player's passage, but these are of lesser importance and can be left for later or omitted entirely.
The pin will be added to the tree view to the left of the map and, when selected, you can view its properties in the object inspector.
For this part we are going to modify the 2da so that it will use our newly created map instead of the one that shipped with Dragon Age.
After you've taken a sec to get the feel of how it works, replace the "worldmap" txt with the name of the image file you are going to use, but leave out the file extension.
In addition to Dragon Age: Origins Toolset, you can find hundreds of thousands of other game files, including demos, patches, mods, trailers, free pc games, free games, and more.
Modifications to your submission are welcomed - the newest version of your entry will be judged, although modifications made after the submission date will not be judged.
After installation, choose 'other campaigns' then 'demo tutorial' and you'll start near the temple. This contest is a Raffle - all entries have an even chance of winning the prizes, and will not be judged. It is important to note that you can't walk under a bridge since the pathfinding data does not support this. In a developer demo, it was shown that killing a team of monsters (set by the user) could automatically trigger a change in the plot without any script of any kind. For example, the list of variables that an object's scripts can refer to is stored in a 2DA. We'll call the target waypoint table "target_wps_epona" to fit with the naming convention of the other maps.
This isn't strictly necessary but can be used to make travel around the worldmap seem more realistic by having the player arrive at different waypoints depending on which direction they're arriving in an area from. Since you can never travel from an area to that same area via the map the diagonal entries are left blank. This isn't a problem right now since the data is identical but it could be a problem in the future; if BioWare releases an update that needs to change those original five maps, or if some other modder wants to add some maps of his own, only one version will "win" and the result could be a mess. In the case of the worldmaps 2DA, the prefix is "worldmaps" (ie, the worldmaps.GDA file has the "worldmaps" prefix and no suffix, so it belongs to the "worldmaps" 2DA). We regularly partner with top game developers and publishers to run exclusive beta tests of new games, especially multiplayer titles and MMOs.
If the user places a bridge over a chasm the user will get pathfinding on top of the bridge, but not under it.
Branches of dialogue can be set to appear only if a certain flag is set to true, making quest NPCs a lot easier to do.
You can start using our download services by creating a free account on FilePlanet to access our public servers, or upgrade to a premium account to access our no-wait servers and enjoy our subscriber exclusives, including the Dragon Age: Origins Toolset.
A character could be driven underneath, but if the player tried to walk under the bridge by clicking, it would walk all the way around. Recent events showed that a plot variable could easily be included in a script in a simple line. For exteriors, the users will have a terrain mesh that they can deform, add water planes, place props, and scatter trees and grasses.
These same principles apply to the overhanging terrain, so using that should be done with care. The user can also create multiple water planes per level and assign them to any 3D coordinate.
A developer said that a cut scene could eventually call another cutscene when it ends using a script.
Users can blend up to 3 textures simultaneously, and can have up to 8 terrain textures per level. The blur tool is mostly used when the user has configured a brush to have no feathering to provide nicer transitions. The relax tool is used when you stretch the terrain verts out so that the terrain texels become huge.

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