BioWare's upcoming PC RPG Dragon Age will, like Neverwinter Nights, come with a toolset to allow players to create their own adventures. These two demo videos debuted at PAX but have finally been posted on the Net for the first time. It will be interesting to see whether the Dragon Age building community ever reaches the scope of the NWN crowd, though, given the fact that Dragon Age will be single-player only. Dragon Age: Origins (previously known as Dragon Age) is a single-player third-person high-fantasy role-playing game developed by BioWare. An expansion pack called Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening was released in March 2010 for all platforms. The player character—"the Warden"—is a new Grey Warden recruit within the realm of Ferelden, and begins his or her journey to halt the inevitable Fifth Blight as one of the six origin stories. Loghain Mac Tir: The teyrn of Gwaren, leader of the army of Ferelden and chief advisor to King Cailan. Alistair: A former templar initiate who was recruited into the Grey Wardens not long before the protagonist. Dog: The default name of a loyal Mabari War Hound who is a lifelong companion of a Warden from the Human Noble Origin. Leliana: A bard and cloistered sister from Orlais who sought refuge in Lothering and its Chantry.
Morrigan: Known as a Witch of the Wilds, she is a shapeshifting apostate mage who lives in the Korcari Wilds. Prince Bhelen Aeducan: The third child of King Endrin Aeducan, member of the Council of Dwarves, and also younger brother to a Dwarf Noble Warden.
Bodahn Feddic: A surface dwarf merchant who accompanies Ferelden's Grey Wardens in their quest.
King Cailan Theirin: The reigning King of Ferelden at the opening stages of the Fifth Blight. Brother Genitivi: A Chantry scholar and expert on the Urn of Sacred Ashes based in Denerim. Knight-Commander Greagoir: The Knight-Commander of Ferelden's Templar Order, responsible for watching over the Circle of Magi based in Kinloch Hold.
Lady of the Forest: A mysterious spirit leading the werewolves living in the Brecilian Forest. Lord Pyral Harrowmont: A friend and confidant to King Endrin, the last king of Orzammar, and Bhelen's main rival to the throne.
Zathrian: The Keeper of a clan of Dalish elves encamped in the outskirts of the Brecilian Forest.
There is no tracking of alignment as in previous BioWare games, but the moral choices of the main character throughout the game will still affect the story. As with the Baldur's Gate series, players will be able to issue orders to NPCs in real time or while the game is paused, and queue up actions such as spells and special attacks. Six unique origin stories, each with a story that affects the game as a whole: City Elf, Dalish Elf, Dwarf Commoner, Dwarf Noble, Human Noble, and Magi. Party-based gameplay with the player's character, plus up to three other characters chosen from a larger pool during the game. The camera provides an over-the-shoulder viewpoint when zoomed in, or an isometric-style viewpoint when zoomed out, although on the console editions, zooming, and therefore the isometric-style viewpoint, is unavailable.
BioWare has released a regular edition of Dragon Age: Origins as well as special editions for collectors. Origins features several pieces of downloadable content to further the story told in Origins.

BioWare released a "developer-grade" toolset (the same one that they used to make Dragon Age: Origins) to allow modification and customization of the game and the creation of new and unique stand-alone games.
Judging by the flashy nature of the advertisement, I actually think this looks pretty cool and I'm very excited. I spent two years working on an NWN2 campaign (over 1000 lines of dialog and six mods) until I upgraded to Win7 and couldn't use the toolset anymore.
I have done some scripting in the NWN2 toolset and I don't think it has changed much in the DA toolset. Just a small update, work on the module will be started by early next week, the team building aspect is almost completed, and all that is really left to do is gain a couple more members for areas with positions unfilled, and sort out an easy way for the entire team to communicate. I'm planning to set up an developer forum in the coming days, this will most definatly act as the main source of communication.
If you have appiled to join and haven't recieved any form of message back, then expect one soon. Those of us sufficiently nerdy enough to be subscribers to the BioWare World Builders Newsletter just received an e-mail announcing that videos of the toolset are now available at the company's website.
It's also worth pondering whether BioWare would try to include these tools on a possible console port of the game in the future. The game was released on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 3, 2009 in North America, November 5, 2009 in Australia, and November 6, 2009 in Europe.
In 2011, a sequel, Dragon Age II, was released on March 8th and 11th in North America and Europe, respectively. With the return of an ancient foe and the kingdom engulfed in civil war, you have been chosen by fate to unite the shattered lands and slay an archdemon once and for all. The origin chosen determines who the Warden is prior to the main events of the game's story. Characters from other Origins will have the opportunity recruit a different Mabari hound encountered in Ostagar.
She is searching for the long lost Anvil of the Void, a powerful artifact which can be used to create golems.
A notorious shapeshifting sorceress shrouded in myth and legend, she is said to be an immortal being of terrible power. For example, a dwarf who is a member of the noble caste will begin the game as part of the royal family in one of the dwarven cities, while a dwarf commoner will begin on the streets of the city. You may save the world whether you are good or evil, but the decisions that you make in the process will change the world around you, deciding who will become king, for example, and affecting nations and races and their places in the world. What this means is that you select an enemy to begin attacking automatically, and at any point can pause the game to select commands.
I am also working on a story about them, and lore-wise our tales have some similarities (Shartan plays a role in my story also) and some differences (the place where his remains are to be found and what is to be found in it). I really love make face morphs out of concept art, and try to make it work, and I would love the challenge of making whatever face morph you throw at me. Once I've sorted these things out, and everybody on the team has direction, work will be shown relatively quickly. You'll need an account for the forums to access them, but I imagine you already have one if you're interested in this sort of thing. As you might expect, the Dragon Age toolset is actually very similar to the Neverwinter Nights or Neverwinter Nights 2 toolsets, which should ease the learning curve substantially.
Start your adventure by picking your race as a Human, Elf, or Dwarf, then your class as a Warrior, Mage, or Rogue. By the same measure, it also affects how NPCs (party and non-party) will react to the Warden.

These decisions will also influence your companions, and could ultimately lead to a companion deciding to leave your party if they do not agree with your approach. Most of my time on NWN building was spent fiddling with the character conversation editor and to my eyes, it looks exactly the same in the Dragon Age toolset. People that the Warden meets during the origin story may reappear throughout the game, some of whom may be adversaries. Facing unexpected betrayal at the hands of those who were supposed to be Ferelden's greatest defenders, the Warden must now utilize the old Grey Warden treaties to gather unlikely allies and build an army to face the Archdemon, an Old God manifested in the form of a powerful and terrifying dragon, now tainted by the darkspawn and risen from its prison beneath the surface to unleash the Blight in the turbulent history of Thedas.
This vast knowledge was lost after hundreds of years of inprisonment and slavery - mostly to the powerful race of humanity. The Warden will also gather companions along the way who will support them on this onerous task. As one of the last Grey Wardens remaining within Ferelden, their actions over the course of one year—both indirectly and directly—will decide which factions align with the warden to halt the advance of the Archdemon and its darkspawn hordes, the fate of the world, as well as the fate of those met on your journey. The Lands are so used to the racism that it has become second-nature.Not only are most Elves resented, though, they are also resentful. The years that had been stripped away from them because of enslavement could not be counted.
The amount of parents that saw there children take the same path of misery of them was unprecendated.Deep in the frozen trenches of the Frostback Mountains, a tainted God lays in wait. To him, the ancient elves that he lived alongside left his marvellous cities to populate new lands and live in perfect harmony.
This did not happen, and the slavery began, and slowly the promise was forgotten, cast away into the depths by time. Eventually, only the family with direct descentance from the first Elvish leader held the information and passed it down through generations, the last child of the family was Andraste's friend, Thane Shartan.
Though he fell after Andraste was betrayed, he kept the information to the grave, with no son or daughter of his own to pass it on to.
He kept a book alongside him always, and this held the promise, and a device, much like a clock, which was the key to returning to the mystical cities. Now, the Chantry plans to take these bodies to Denerim, to lie them to rest alongside their kin and fellow warriors.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Your character comes into the story at the town of Abrandor, after your Origin storyline.
He then uses the fact that he saved your life to send you to investigate, and that you owe him a great debt. In this module, you are not a Grey Warden, and the story is not linked to the main campaign of Origins.
Origins party approval makes a return too, expect to not get along with some characters.- RomancesAlot of people were disappointed at the fact that not much of your romance was continued in Awakening.
Using the tier system from Origins, you won't see any items that are as powerful as Awakening, but there are still lots of great stuff. We also have alot more specilization certain items, full hermit type robes and special heavy cleric armor, for example.When will we see some gameplay and some of the new stuff mentioned?Soon.
Currently, this is a two-man project, and to complete it, we need some avid toolset buddies. Some work examples would be great too.We also need six voice actors, three male and three female.

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