My project is aiming to recreate the NWN2 OC campaign in the Dragon Age toolset, since I loved the game and the characters. Do note that no dialogs, voices or anything are copied from NWN2, I rewrote everything while keeping the tone and general feel, but with my own twists. So far, I am looking to finish the Prologue and initial attack on West Harbor to see where it can go. If the response is positive, I will ramp it up, but I'd rather think small instead of expanding on large scale from the getgo and watch it crash afterward.The alpha test is now available for the festival aspect of the game.

Voice acting is still missing on a lot of NPCs until I recruit all my voices, but releasing this might help potential voice actors to see what happens to said NPCs ingame first.
I believe my talent in cutscene editing and level art is quite subpar (eh, can't be good in everything), so bear with me.
As such, this is my first official venture in Dragon Age modding and I'm trying to make this look as professionnal as possible while learning as much as I can. I am looking to improve my skills since I'm starting a course in video game level design next week and I need to expand my portfolio.

This was a good timekiller until school started and I like doing this so much that I'll keep on expanding this mod for fun and giggles.Module 2 development is already well underway and will be released in a few weeks.Thank you for trying the mod and giving me your comments, you are helping the future generation of video game designers! THIS IS NORMALIf you have questions, or know how to fix some of the bugs, feel free to contact me :)AGAIN - I'm doing this by MYSELF, I'm a single person with NO EXPERIENCE in modding, so bear with me!

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