SPRI’s 5-Dot Agility Mat is a thick, heavy-gauge rubber mat perfect for training to improve agility, foot speed, reaction time and dynamic balance, while remaining firmly in place when in use on all types of surfaces. The price and availability of all items at MuscleSeek are subject to change without any notification. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
DescriptionElite athletes have long honed footwork, motor skills and endurance with dot matsa€”floor mats with evenly placed circles for jumping in an array of patterns.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: At Mansion Athletics, we want to be sure that the item you choose is the right one for you. Plyometric exercises are great for athletes, and anyone really, in order to increase power. Repeat this exercise for about 45 seconds, and then rest for 15 seconds before doing it all over again. This is one of the most common plyometric exercises that can be very effective in building a better vertical jump.
Next, start shifting your weight forward as you jump your feet back, making you go back to the plank position.
This is beneficial for athletes who have to jump from left to right in their sports rather than from the front to the back and vice versa.
This is similar to number 4, but it doesn’t just build up your lateral jumping ability, it also builds up strength because there are going to be weights involved as you jump from side to side.
In case you feel like giving up, just imagine yourself as a frog that can leap really high.
This exercise looks like the moves that professional or Olympic figure skaters would do out on the ice. Mountain climbers usually have very strong legs, and that’s exactly what this exercise can give you. Do this for 45 seconds while switching legs as quickly as possible, and also while keeping your plank, with a rest period of 15 seconds. Like in the weighted lateral jumps, dot drills also build your ankles and your calves, apart from increasing your foot speed and your agility. The second set is essentially the same as the first set, except this time, the moment you reach the far end of the mat moving forward, you turn around and repeat, going forward as well other than in reverse. Do this set for ten times once again, before going on the other foot, and then another ten times with both feet close together. These are similar to number 9, but with emphasis on lateral foot speed and agility than strength.
This is a more intense form of number 1, because it adds weight compared to using your own body weight to do the squat jumps.
Making sure that your arms are vertical and straight, support your body off the floor while keeping your body straight as well. Young online entrepreneur with a passion for online marketing, building websites and making apps.

Place multiple mats side by side to provide more dot-drill training options or train more than one participant at a time. Browse thousands of top rated products including Sports & Nutrition supplements, Testosterone boosters, Exercise Equipment & Accessories, Strength Training equipment and lots more. Stroops dualsided non-slip rubber dot mats offer cut-out holes, allowing users to train barefoot, which reinforces neurological connections each time their foot strikes the floor.
By performing multiple footwork patterns, foot speed, reaction time and balance all improve faster. Within 30 days of delivery of your order, you may return any merchandise purchased from Mansion Athletics in its original condition with your email order confirmation or packing slip.
Doing these exercises once to three times every week, you can be able to jump higher, run faster, and be stronger.
Next, bend down to a squatting position and extend your arms, making sure that your elbows are bent and your hands are in loose fists as you do this. It also toughens your quadriceps and your glute muscles (in other words, the muscles at the front of your thighs, and your butt) which are necessary for vertical jumping. Bend down to a squatting position with your feet at the same distance as the width of your shoulder.
Start with a high plank position, making sure that your hands are right under your shoulders and your legs are extended. Repeat for 45 seconds before resting for 15 seconds until you can repeat again if you want to go longer.
Then slightly bend your knees with your feet together, then hop over the bar and back, making sure that your movements are quick. This exercise builds up a lot of leg strength because it doesn’t have a running start or a step forward. But scissor jumps increase your adductor and your glute muscle strength because your legs are in a stretched position. Start in a high plank position, with your abdomen engaged and your body straight from your head and down to your heels. You can either set down a dot mat in front of you or mark five spots on the floor, similar to the spots on a dice. Repeat ten times and then you’re onto the third set, which is slightly different again, as you will hop on each dot only using one leg. Although a plyo box is advised to be used when you do this, a very sturdy box that is as high as your shins will do. Then lower your body down to the ground, instantly pushing your body up as quick as possible. With our unmatched customer support & products range, we assure you that you are only getting the best of everything related to bodybuilding. Our safe, lightweight dot mats are ideal for coaches, trainers, and athletes who need the convenience of portable, high-quality agility drills that can be set up instantly.
Cushioned foam rubber construction provides some padding so feet don't tire too quickly from impact. And then, push off the ground with the balls of your feet as you jump, and let your arms flutter behind you as you try to have a soft landing on the balls of your feet as well.

Next, jump sideways down to one side of the box, and then jump back onto the box, then jump to the other side of the box. Start by setting down a barbell with weighted plates on each side, make sure to adjust the weighted plates according to how high you normally jump. Then, while you keep your abdomen tight at the same time your body straight from your head and down to your heels, jump your feet out and wide back together. What you do is bend down into a squat, making sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart and are facing an unobstructed space.
First off, go into your basic lunge position, making sure that your back is straight and your knees and your toes are facing forward. Start from the front right corner, and then hop on the middle dot, and then far right, far left, hopping backwards to the middle dot again, and then back to the front left, and then back to the front right. Place the box to the side, and stand on the box with your right leg, while you keep your left foot at about 6 inches away. Next, dive over the top and place your hands on the floor with your arms extended down and supporting your upper body.
When your hands leave the ground, clap, and then go back to the initial position and repeat. Make sure to land softly with the balls of your feet, then step down and repeat for 3 sets with 10 repetitions each. Next, in one motion, try and rise up and bring your knee forwards and then jump, raising your right knee to your hip level. Then stand at about 6 inches to the side of the barbell, and hold a medicine ball or a weighted plate above your head. Then, immediately extend your left leg back to the initial position then repeat using your right leg. Bend down into a squat position, and then raise your left foot up onto the box, simultaneously placing your right foot on the floor on the other side of the box.
Lift the barbell and get down into a squat position, making sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart. As you keep your body horizontal, walk your hands further away from the ball until your shins are placed on top of the ball. Nimble footwork is a fundamental skill for an athlete's peak performance and this Reactor Dot Drill Mat could be invaluable as a training resource. Then jump slightly, without interrupting, separating your feet so they each land on a corner dot on the far end of the mat and do the reverse, making one rep. Squat down and then go up, jumping off the ground and then land gently and instantly go into the next jump.

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