Increased Power and Productivity - Compressed oil transfers far more energy than compressed air. Durability and Maintenance a€“ Hydraulic tools are designed for long life with minimal maintenance.
Adaptable to all conditions a€“ Be it cold weather (yes subzero), wet conditions (yes underwater) these tools will continue to perform even if their operators cannot.
Nothing matches the performance of hydraulic tools to cut through rock & concreteor pump a flooded culvert.
The tool is lighter, smaller and can deliver more power than even the biggest gas or pneumatic alternatives.

Because internal components are bathed in hydraulic oil, it is not uncommon for them to last 15 years! Since hydraulic tools do not produce exhaust and their power sources can be stationed remotely the user and the environment benefit.
Hydraulic tools are inherently more efficient, meaning they require less energy to perform the same work as alternative tools, saving time and money. You get an environmentally friendly, long lasting tool with the power for professional size jobs. Gas powered tools discharge exhaust directly onto the operator and pneumatic tools can atomize small droplets of lubricating oil into the surrounding atmosphere.

Hydraulic tool circuits are designed to keep oil in and contaminants out and the tools can be sued with a variety of biodegradable environmentally safe hydraulic oils.

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