Instructables has a short post on a quick way to make your own bicycle lockring, or head race, pliers that I find quite elegant in its simplicity. About a year ago, I made this valve spring compressor for Ecotec motors as a way of saving myself about $300.
Will you be seeing Goblirschrolf brand cranes at the local big box next year?  Most likely not — but you can see his place all cleaned up because his truck-mounted crane moved literally tons of wood so he didn’t have to. Instructables user Vestus took one look at the high price of commercially-available router lifts and decided he could build his own a lot cheaper. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues.

Man cutting a handheld metal bar with a small electric portable circular saw in a DIY, renovation and construction concept. It is especailly used for cutting grass, it cut very fast, life is long, the price is very competitive.
Unless you have extremely strong hands, the compressor needs a way to hold itself at the proper angle, which is a feature I overlooked.
After reading this post on the All-In-One Clamp, and this post on the MilesCraft Saw Guide, I still had no solution for how to cut long, straight lines that’re at odd angles to the edge of a board. Bustin’ out his shrewd Dealmongering skills he snagged an already-inexpensive Harbor Freight plunge router on sale for $40 and a router base plate on Amazon for another $40. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.

The picture above is from Brian’s Blog showing the Atwood-method wrap on a mini pry bar (the Pocket Widgy® from County Comm). You could also solve the issue by putting the upper hinge in line with the compressing screw, which would kill the tendency to rotate. Since this only used about $15 in materials, I may produce a more polished version in the future.

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