Symbols are a very powerful tool for communication as they evoke a subconscious response, the percent sign is synonymous with discounts and by tweaking the company name to include one we have created a logo that symbolises exactly what the company has to offer. A high performance logo that is astonishingly simple, this logo retains certain characteristics of the industry it resides in, yet is unique, simple, and incredibly easy to remember.
A very busy market place like that of the extreme sports industry commands a well balanced approach to logo design, although it's important to create a logo that is unique and powerful enough to stand up on its own, it's equally important to create an identity that will not look out of place within the current trends of the industry. There seems to be a myth in this industry that suggests a corporate logo should adhere to very specific guidelines, at Pro Logo we feel it's important not to limit your imagination in this way, this logo is proof in the pudding that corporate logos can be funky, fun and alternative.
This is a very powerful logo, the name Zakaria on its own doesn't represent anything to the majority of people but one look at the logo and you'll know it's a coffee shop; the smooth style and natural colours create the impression of a tasteful establishment with a warm atmosphere and comfortable surroundings. The concept behind this logo is to create the impression of sports equipment that is going to last, by removing a section of the basketball to reveal a solid frame we have created a piece of sports equipment with extraordinary qualities. The name Buffalo City conjures up images of a legendary time where Native American Indians and buffalos roamed, here cultural elements of that era are brought together to promote this delightfully novel concept. It is a logos duty to make a strong and immediate impression and yet be simple enough to deliver a clear message, by adding simple abstract shapes to this company name and colouring them accordingly we have created a tranquil, serene, oasis scene. A skilful element of logo design is the ability to illustrate an idea in a clear manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand, here a genie's lamp has been incorporated as it is synonymous with making a wish but it's the visual execution of this great concept that makes the magic happen. Colour plays a huge role in memory recall; it stimulates the senses, instantly conveying a message like no other medium, the colour blue projects a trustworthy, dependable, responsible persona and is the perfect choice for this company.
Typography is the art of creating a logotype from scratch, this ability permits the freedom to style the word audio to represent a set of headphones, all in a sharp, clean, modern fashion that is reminiscent of the of the company's image. We get a lot of positive feedback about this logo, it's been perceive as a cloud, an abstract representation of the number 9, and sometimes both, whatever the interpretation we believe it's the curious response it evokes that makes this logo so memorable. The addition of smooth metallic surfaces to a logo can go a long way to defining the company image; here the smooth curves and polished surfaces combine to promote a hi-tech company on the cutting-edge of technology.
A logo is just one part of a brand identity, this concept is divided and intro three sections to represent the three different services the company has to offer, the colour connection becomes apparent on their corporate stationery as items of each service are listed within their associative colour group.

Savour is a very difficult word to define in a logo, this designer has accomplished this task using little more than the company name itself, this logo really is a little gem.
Space can be interpreted in a number of different ways, the blank square conveys an empty advertising space and the absence of a planet between the planetary rings creates a global space, by executing the overall concept in a futuristic style we present a logo that is also symbolic of the space industry. Evoking the right emotion in your target audience is an integral part of logo design; this concept promotes an explosive, bright, exciting atmosphere for kids to enjoy. Fine art is an inspirational concept to work with, here soft colours are delicately blended together and combined with an elegant typeface to create a corporate brand identity that is very fitting for this industry.
Occasionally the company name defines the colour palette; in this scenario it would be hard to imagine any other combination of colours creating the right effect. The main icon in this logo is universal; anyone who looks at the abstract blue shape in the centre will instantly recognise it as a wave and know the company has a connection with the ocean.
There are many different variations of the 3 second rule, in our industry it represents the maximum amount of time it should take a for a viewer to interpret a company logo, outwardly radiating waves have become a universal symbol for electronic communications and in this logo they create a connection with the communications industry instantaneously. To make somebody aware of a possible danger or difficulty is to alert them, the deep red colour of this logo is synonymous with danger and the aesthetic design can easily be interpreted as an alarm, a warning light, a camera lens, an infra red laser, a panic button and many other components of a security system. Utilising the background colour of a logo as its main attraction is very rare, realising the symbolic role white would play in projecting a figure with angelic qualities this designer creatively incorporates the background colour as the core feature of this design. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues.
Cornwell Tools - Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaCornwell Tools is a professional tool manufacturer for the automotive and aviation industries. Dividend Discount Model - Part I - CFP Tools - YouTubeUploaded by cfptools on Jan 10, 2011 This is a video in the CFP Tools series. Automotive tools motorcycle tools – harbor freight, Automotive tools and motorcycle tools cost less at harbor freight tools.

Nate' tools - discount automotive equipment, Nate' tools auto body shop supplies professional automotive tool . If your looking to buy power tools for a DIY project or are a professional craftsman in need of quality tools, it can be expensive to acquire all the tools you need brand new. The fluidity of the circles, their size in relation to each other and the curves that combine them give the impression of a liquid substance fusing together, yet the overall simplicity of the design makes it unique and easy to remember. On a purely aesthetic level the circle encapsulating the design gives the logo a clean, professional, polished look. 25 mm linear ball bearing profile rails for maximum stiffness,imported screws and rack, offers fast and steady movement . Josie’s Pawn favors professional brand name power ‘hand’ tools, but we’ll look at any and all quality tools, in good condition, with a good resale value. We have a large selection of hand tools, saws and power tools at deeply discounted prices. We offer great deals on discount tools and power tools from some of the top brands in the industry. If you have questions about what you have to pawn or sell, feel free to drop-in to Josie’s pawn, or call ahead. Pawn shop tools are a great way to get quality discount tools without having to pay full retail prices.
Whether you need to pay a utility bill, feed the family until payday, or just come up with the rest of the rent, bring your tools to Josie’s Pawn.
We inspect all the tools that come into the shop so that we are confident that each tool is in good condition, working properly and that all components, chargers and power cords are with the set.
Many of the tools we get in are barely used and in great working order, making these a great deal for anyone needing quality tools.

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