Symbols are a very powerful tool for communication as they evoke a subconscious response, the percent sign is synonymous with discounts and by tweaking the company name to include one we have created a logo that symbolises exactly what the company has to offer. There are many different variations of the 3 second rule, in our industry it represents the maximum amount of time it should take a for a viewer to interpret a company logo, outwardly radiating waves have become a universal symbol for electronic communications and in this logo they create a connection with the communications industry instantaneously.
Advanced design techniques have been adopted to create the glass effect that makes this logo so attractive, the colour green is also synonymous with safety in the motoring industry and is the perfect choice for this identity. Space can be interpreted in a number of different ways, the blank square conveys an empty advertising space and the absence of a planet between the planetary rings creates a global space, by executing the overall concept in a futuristic style we present a logo that is also symbolic of the space industry.
It's no coincidence that the most memorable logo designs are also the most simple, by producing a simple, clear-cut, trouble-free design we offer up a unique identifier for this company that is easy to remember. In this concept the synergy between the company name and the icon bonds them together, creating a professional corporate image that is easily recognisable and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Ben presented us with the tightest deadline we've ever had to meet as he was leaving the country to attend a trade show that very day. A very busy market place like that of the extreme sports industry commands a well balanced approach to logo design, although it's important to create a logo that is unique and powerful enough to stand up on its own, it's equally important to create an identity that will not look out of place within the current trends of the industry.
Initials are very popular in logo design as they are naturally associated with the company name and make it easier to remember, when adopting this approach it's important to remember there will be many companies out there with the same initials so it's imperative to display them in a unique way. Utilising the background colour of a logo as its main attraction is very rare, realising the symbolic role white would play in projecting a figure with angelic qualities this designer creatively incorporates the background colour as the core feature of this design. Composition is the art of placing the various elements of the design relative to each other in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, an outstanding example of a logo with great composition. The name Buffalo City conjures up images of a legendary time where Native American Indians and buffalos roamed, here cultural elements of that era are brought together to promote this delightfully novel concept.

Savour is a very difficult word to define in a logo, this designer has accomplished this task using little more than the company name itself, this logo really is a little gem.
We get a lot of positive feedback about this logo, it's been perceive as a cloud, an abstract representation of the number 9, and sometimes both, whatever the interpretation we believe it's the curious response it evokes that makes this logo so memorable. A great example of a brand identity that is a direct reflection of the company name, expensive financial qualities are projected through the use of dynamic metallic tones. The main icon in this logo is universal; anyone who looks at the abstract blue shape in the centre will instantly recognise it as a wave and know the company has a connection with the ocean.
Evoking the right emotion in your target audience is an integral part of logo design; this concept promotes an explosive, bright, exciting atmosphere for kids to enjoy.
An experienced logo designer will have the ability to project a company in the correct light for no apparent reason, although this is not an obvious choice of concept to denote a company producing game environments and special effects, the overall aesthetic qualities of this logo project the perfect image for this company and places them firmly in the gaming industry.
The concept behind this logo is to create the impression of sports equipment that is going to last, by removing a section of the basketball to reveal a solid frame we have created a piece of sports equipment with extraordinary qualities.
Notice how this compact little logo speaks volumes about the company it is designed to represent, by delicately introducing two small additions to the company name we provide a clear-cut representation of the industry they reside in.
Colour plays a huge role in memory recall; it stimulates the senses, instantly conveying a message like no other medium, the colour blue projects a trustworthy, dependable, responsible persona and is the perfect choice for this company. A great illustration of how an attractive abstract design can be used to create a unique corporate identity, by creating a visually striking logo that doesn't resemble anything in particular we allow the company to build up an association with their new identity by means of a good reputation and quality service.
A great example of how minor alterations to the appearance of a company name can reflect the services they provide. Red Gate produces ingeniously simple tools used by more than 500,000 information technology professionals worldwide.

We manufacturer all kinds of woodworking tools, such as reversible knives, wood planers, wood drills, etc.The carbide Woodworking Tools is our strongest line. The fluidity of the circles, their size in relation to each other and the curves that combine them give the impression of a liquid substance fusing together, yet the overall simplicity of the design makes it unique and easy to remember.
By separating the individual letters with vertical lines of varying lengths we have provided a number of visual audio interpretations, including volume bars, a digital display, and sound waves. On a purely aesthetic level the circle encapsulating the design gives the logo a clean, professional, polished look.
Individual letters are connected together to illustrate network connections above and below the ground.
The plug-in SQL Source Control supports database source control within SSMS, the plug-in SQL Connect supports database source control within VS. As this concept is both simple and well executed it is easy to read at a glance and retains a very corporate feel. The Red Gate philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools that solve the problems of DBAs and developers.

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