Did you know that Sears and the Craftsman Club offer a hefty discount on Craftsman tools and storage products for tech students?
Vocational students and qualifying Sears team members can enjoy 50% savings on regularly priced mechanics’ tool sets and tool storage products, as well as 20% savings on ALL other regularly priced tools, on their first in-store purchase. For one year, eligible tech students and educational program members can also enjoy an extra 20% off regular tool prices and an extra 5% off sale prices. The signup page says that the program is sponsored by the Sears Blue Tool Crew, so there is a chance the discount could apply to tools outside the Craftsman brand as well.
Sears Vocational Educational Program initial savings offer applies to in-store purchases only with a VALID student ID.
Normally this wouldn’t be such a huge deal, since select toolboxes and mechanics tool sets go on sale at 50% off once or twice a year anyways. But this student discount works on Craftsman’s huge 540pc tool set, which is almost never found below $1000. Best part is Western Forge still makes a majority of the 540pc set here in the States, so this is one way to get a lot of USA-made hand tools on the cheap.

I asked for fine print, and my Craftsman contact sent me back to the same page with no added details.
It’s hard to get managers to give you the discount even if you show them the info on the program. I did it once or twice but the wait for them to check on it was sooo long it wasn’t worth the savings. I just went and tried to get this at my local Sears and first the kid didn’t know what i was talking about. It is a multi-purpose box which can be used to store dry fruits, Keep jewellery and other small items.
You know that whole “Made to Make” marketing campaign you launched last Summer, where you promoted Craftsman tools as being perfect for hobbyists and makers? The first time I was in Sears to make tool purchases for school, I asked if they had a tech. Then i talked to somebody else and the best they would do is a measly 15% because the set and box i wanted were on sale.

There doesn’t seem to be any contact info for anyone at Sears who could help with this. It would be great if this tech student discount program could be extended to hobbyists and makers as well, maybe even if just once or twice a year. They told me that I was eligible for a 20% discount for Craftsman tools at full price and 5% off sale priced items. I reluctantly put down a layaway deposit and decided i would talk to somebody to get this discrepancy resolved.
I was never informed that the first purchase was eligible for 50% off of tool sets and tool boxes.
After talking to the customer service reps on the phone i was told it had to be done online.

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