Read 1842 Aquarium Air Decorations reviews, with an average rating of 4.77 out of 5 stars, to help determine which pet products are right for you.
Every aquarium needs a slice of Bikini Bottom, and what better way the Spongebob Bubbles Aerating Ornament! The Hydor H2Show Wonders Ice Mountain Aquarium Ornament is a highly detailed bubble-maker, with hand-painted sides and a blue LED light that creates an incredible underwater volcano effect. This aquarium ornament by Penn Plax is a barrel that adds real underwater movement to your tank. Penn Plax Action-Air Jewel Box Skeleton Ornament gives a new definition to sleeping with the fishes! This ferocious bubbler is hand painted and made of heavy duty resin for automatic aeration of your aquarium water.

The resulting bubbles provide essential oxygen to your water to help maintain a healthy aquarium environment. Simple to install, these ornaments will require an appropriately sized air pump, as well as a pressure control valve for proper functionality. Streaming bubbles provide oxygen for fish while disturbing the water and promoting healthy gas exchange.
This licensed Nickelodeon Spongebob ornament makes an exciting scene in any aquarium or fish bowl.
The ornament's sides feature translucent "lava flows," allowing the blue LED light inside to shine through and create a unique volcano effect.
When connected to an air pump (not included) the barrel bubbles and spews oxygen-rich bubbles.

This haunting reminder of the dangers of drinking rum at the bottom of the ocean while manacled is sure to turn your aquarium into a conversation starter. You can also use it as a simple terrarium decoration, though it might confuse your other reptiles. Aeration is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy aquarium environment for fish and live plants.

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