Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. We offer a wide selection of professional diamond blade, cutting tools, diamond tip drill bits, concrete tool products and much more at wholesale factory direct prices packaged with outstanding customer service for today's contractors.
You can also select then buy from a wide variety of diamond core bits, polishing pads, cup wheels, crown bits, profiling milling wheels, diamond drill bits, crack chasers, tuck pointers, and other diamond tools.
We list all of our diamond saw blades and cutting tools by materials that you may be cutting. When you?re looking for a diamond saw blade for any application, EDAM inc is the company you can trust to deliver the superior products you need.
As a professional manufacturer of diamond tools, we produce various types of diamond blades, such as segmented saw blades, turbo blades, continue rim blades, turbo wave blades for different usage, for example, for cutting marble, granite, sandstone, porcelain tile, concrete.

Segmented diamond saw blade used for general cutting purpose, with longer life,used to cut brick ,block,cured concrete,masonry,stone,etc.
14 and 16 inch diamond saw blade is the most important blades, we have special formula for these two blade, high quality and low price. Thank you for your interest in the above content, please leave us inquiry, you can expect a response within 24 hours.
Select and then buy quality diamond tools from a huge assortment of diamond saw blades varying from the general purpose segmented diamond blade, professional turbo segmented diamond blade, laser welded diamond blade to sintered diamond blades.
Choosing the correct material enables you to properly select the correct diamond blade and bond for your project needs, and saw type with ease.
We truly have a diamond blade and cutting tools for every contractor in the construction industry.

While we offer a wide variety of cost effective diamond saw blades there are an equal number of high end, long lasting, supreme quality, signature product that is guaranteed to tackle the toughest granite, concrete, asphalt etc, cutting around. Browse through all of our diamond saw blades and cutting tools, then make your purchase with the BuyNow!
Enjoy your shopping experience and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about any cutting tools or a specific diamond blade you find or have trouble finding on our website.

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