DIAMOND CHAIN SAW BLADEOur featured diamond chain saw blade of 45unit one piece is designed for heavy duty chain saw machine for various building materials,bricks, concrete cutting, etc. Segmented Saw Blade for marble,granite,concrete,asphalt,tiles,porcelain,demolition,diamond cutting dWe are a professional manufacturer of diamond tools in China, specially for the stone working industry. Gasoline Concrete Saw Concrete Cutter 5HP Walk Behind Concrete CutterOverview: Walk-Behind Concrete Saw is for small to medium jobs that require power and portability.

700mm Diamond saw blade: wall saw blade with tapered U700mm wall saw blade is ideal diamond cutting saw blade enable sawing in materials such as steel, concrete and other building materials, large dimension sawing such as pipes and tubes. TJ48V3345 Gang saw for granite1.This device has a high-effciency,low power consumption main motor to enable long run times under a full load. 650mm laser welded wall and floor saw blades is designed with tapered U slot for cutting cured concrete, reinforced concrete, heavy reinforced concrete.

Project: Civil engineering, structural steel, waterproofing, architectural renovation works, etc.

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