Thanks for keeping us up on the latest news!Dan you are right, it is about time, it looks to have the same Dewalt toughness, and definitely the front of the tool and back resembles a porter cable.
I’m happy to finally see that dewalt is releasing something we’ve all be screaming for! Dewalt tough system small tool box review - toolguyd : I have met very few power tool cases that i’ve liked.
We wanted to run this sander through a bunch of tests, but one must remember with these tests, the sand paper will play a big part in the results.  So we tested the normal items we usually do with each power tool, but we added three additional test.
The Dewalt random orbital sander is very nice because it has the random setting to get the correct speed.
This sander has low vibrations, but holding this sander on the top did cause some fatigue in our arm, while holding the sander on the side let us work for longer periods of time. One suggestion I do have though is that it would be nice if you guys did head to head competing brand tool reviews with videos!
It is no secret that I like DeWALT, they usually build a good product that is on par or better than the competition. If you’re holding the base with your other hand for support it could cover the light. I’m really curious to see how the Dewalt XR line compares to the M18 Fuel line of tools. Dan, i would love it if you could answer this for me, i want to know if you think i should get the impact and compact hammerdrill brushless set by dewalt or get the m18 fuel impact and hammerdrill.
Dan, its funny you said that, I see Milwaukee tool smoking videos all over youtube, but I cant find one Dewalt haha!
Ouch I’m going to have to intervene for Milwaukee I hope Eric does the same I personally think Milwaukee puts out a better tool they feel nice great power and really nice balance. In addition to being compact from an ergonomics standpoint, the new D25052K rotary hammer also has a narrow nose that could help it fit into areas larger tools just can’t go.
The rotary hammer also features a reversible gearbox and rotary-only mode, so you could use it with an SDS drill chuck adapter for occasional fastener removal tasks. The built-in clutch is designed to reduce sudden high-torque reactionary forces, such as the wrist-wrenching motions users experience when a bit jams up or binds during drilling. According to the product listing at Amazon, the D25052K rotary hammer is made in the Czech Republic. Noobie question here: What’s the difference between a rotary hammer and a hammer drill?

Generally, you can think of hammer drills as having more of a vibratory action, while rotary hammers have a more piston-like action. If your primary use will be drilling holes in masonry, then the rotary hammer is the better tool for the job. I would point out that the SDS (now mostly SDS-Plus and SDS-Max interfaces probably do allow for more torque application with less slippage.
I understand the difference between the rotary hammer vs hammer drill, but my question is would this make a good corded drill (with an appropriate SDS to Chuck adapter) for occasional use in wood as well as concrete? The D-handle hammer would have a hammer-only mode, which would be better for chiseling tile and concrete, and for drilling the occasional hole in concrete, and the corded drill would be more ergonomic for occasional drilling and driving tasks when your cordless batteries are recharging. I have never used a rotary hammer with a drill chuck, so I can’t tell you how well or poorly it works for drilling holes in wood or driving screws.
This *could* be used for non-masonry drilling and driving tasks, but personally I would only use it in such a way as a last resort. Isn’t it better for there to be no chisel-mode rather than an under-powered chisel mode? UPDATE: The post has been updated to reflect that the D25052K will feature a built-in clutch, and not the E-clutch that we initially heard about. Some people dont like variable speed trigger but me i like them mabe cose my first oscillating multi-tool was the jobmax , when i got the bosch 12v one it was kind of akward at first but i got use to it , i hope it as a trgger lock like chase was saying on the forum cant wait to see a review and to try it ! A corded multi tool is great, and it imitates the porter cable, which besided the fein is the best one on the market.
The only thing I wonder is if Dewalt is going to continue with a brushless version of the big 3 speed drill. Thats great, I hope they are all like that since I read they take 45 minutes to charge the 2.0 packs.
When we change internal parts in a model while it is in continuous production, we keep the same model number, and change the “type” identification so we can be sure to get the customers correct replacement parts if needed. If your question remains unresolved or if you require additional information please update this incident. The new rotary hammer features active vibration control, for increased user comfort and safety, and a built-in clutch that protects users in case the bit jams. The ability to spin bits in reverse also comes in handy for releasing bits that have jammed or bound up. I also bought it to use with small polishing wheels every now and then, because it has a much faster motor and gearbox than non-hammering corded drills.

If you ever have a big project where you need to drill many large holes in brick or concrete, you could always rent a rotary hammer.
There are also a few electric tools out in the market that use spline drive – but electric hex drive (originally larger electric rotohammers seemed to favor this style) tools have seemed to have disappeared.
This is possibly why the vibration specs and noise level measurements are often found in European datasheets and not USA ones.
I have my 18v dewalt cordless impact and hammer drill, that I use now and that gets me 95% of the way there but sometimes batteries die on longer jobs and I have to wait for recharging them. Maybe it was to keep the cost down, maybe it was to forego more power for less weight and smaller form factor.
When they release the 20v, and they better release a 20v, it needs to take aim at the bosch and at fein. For this test all we did was put a 1 inch piece of plywood down on a scale and started the sander up.  Well for a 2amp motor, we were impressed. We are giving it a 4 blade rating instead of 5 because it is an older model and our arm did get a little fatigued.
I have not had any issues with my fuel impact and I have put in some lag bolts that really should have been put in with an impact wrench. The “type” number information is found on the label on the tools where the catalog number is found, on the tool itself. I appreciate the advice and I was looking at one of the Bosch rotary hammers anyway at the moment. There is an 8.0 Amp Pistol Grip (D25123K) and D-Handle (D25213K) version with Chipping function too if you needed the extra power.
Plus red looks cooler than yellow If your willing to wait Bosch should be releasing some brushless drills and impact drivers soon and they have a cool bit holder that takes a impact bit or socket without an adapter that looks really cool.
If you want to use smooth-shank bits with a rotary hammer, you need an adapter which runs $40 or so.

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