This deal has come around a couple of times over the years, and it’s an easy recommendation each time. If you’re looking for a compact or portable table saw, this is still one of the better options on the market. I initially thought that $299 might be the new permanent price for this saw, and that it would last until all remaining stock is sold out. Picked one up; my local HD accepted a 25% off coupon from Harbor Freight; $183 including tax! My take on work site table saws is that they suffer as much from lack of table space in front and back of the blade as they do from lack of table (rip capacity) on either side. I’m guessing that in the spirit of sharing this news you missed the updated headline and details in the post.
The first thing we look for in a table saw--portable or otherwise--is an accurate, smooth-working fence, and the telescoping fence on DeWalt's 10-inch portable table saw impressed us immediately. The Dewalt DW745 Table Saw from The Saw Centre is a lightweight but at the same time powerful portable table saw.
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If you want to know how to choose between Dewalt DW745 Table Saw and DEWALT DWE7480 with as little heartache as possible, just read our side by side comparison below. A customer called Earl said that his eight year old DW744 finally had given up the ghost after day after day abuse.
A police officer called Gloria from Illinois said that she had found the Makita never really had lined up with the table and the table had been nice but too often overkill.
A 29 year old man called Ronald, who lives in Utah said that his eight year old DW744 finally had given up the ghost after day after day abuse. A 47 year old woman called Brenda, who lives in Wyoming said that she was a Festool Junkie, and she knew Tools. A 42 year old lecturer named Betty from Utah said that it had enough power to cut even very hard wood. A reviewer called Rhonda said that she had replaced a 20 year old Craftsman table saw which had continued to work while parts had fallen off of it. Looks like this is a special buy that Home Depot is looking to clear out of stores very quickly. I prefer it over the Bosch because of the rack & pinion fence and ease of dialing accuracy in and repeatability. I just got home and came on here specifically to mention that I found one of the last $199 Ridgid table saws left over from Black Friday. If you stick with the Ridgid, that means an extra $26 plus tax in your pocket that you could put towards a better or different blade.

Building a workbench to surround the small saw – an possibly (accurately) extend its miter gauge slots would be a desirable thing to do. I posted because I didn’t see any mention that it was available online with free shipping. With our comparison table we are sure that you will have an easier time choosing the right item.
Now I’m very seriously considering packing it back up and exchanging it for this one.
We also liked how the fence rides on both the front and back rails so that it's parallel to the blade at all times.
The DW745 has a rack and pinion fence system, with front & rear lock, which allows a rip capacity of 410mm. The 15 amp motor cranks plenty of torque and doesn't lag when cutting hardwood or pressure-treated stock. Add to that the saw's dust-collection hookup and sturdy steel stand, and you've got a portable table saw that can hold its own in the shop.

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