A while back we did a review of the Dewalt DWS780 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Miter saw. Its realy nice that you keep a following on the tools that you’ve reviewed thanks guys your the best !!!!!! Tools in Action 4 days ago Tools in Action 4 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns. Everything in regards to the actual saw is extremely solid and the build quality is above par. We would also like to have a higher quality blade from the get-go, but we understand the inclusion of the stock blade being that the price is very competitive. This could very possibly be the biggest cordless power tool news of 2015, or at least this month: Dewalt’s cordless miter saw is finally official!
The new Dewalt DCS361 cordless miter saw, model DCS361M1 for the kit, is a tool that’s been teased about for a couple of years now. Before you get all excited, or disappointed, there are a couple of things you should know right away. The product specs are incomplete at the moment, but the Dewalt 20V Max cordless miter saw can at least cut through 2×8 boards that are set against the fence horizontally.
Did you notice the large grab handles at the sides of the saw, and the huge carrying handle on top? Dewalt equipped the cordless miter saw with their very excellent XPS crosscut positioning system. In the straight-down image of the saw, you could see where some weight was quite literally cut out of the miter saw’s base. Kit includes (1) Li-ion battery and charger, as well as a blade wrench, hold-down clamp, user guide, carbide blade, and dust collection bag. While priced higher than consumer-grade saws, the new Dewalt cordless miter saw is appreciably less expensive than competing pro-grade models.
The new Dewalt saw strongly resembles its corded brethren, but also looks to shine with a brand new design.
About a year ago I bought the Mafell KSS-300 and have used my miter saw about four times since.
The Mafell system looks like a nice option for those who need it, but the KSS-300 is way out of miter saw territory at $1000+. Greater complexity means more things to potentially fail, higher R&D costs, bigger product, and might also be UL guidelines to follow.
And you cant make a motor run on ac AND dc, so you need an inverter (and it would need to be bigger than the inverter to charge a battery, as the draw is much greater to run the saw). With that said… an accessory that slides into the battery slot with an inverter instead of lithium cells, that could turn any dewalt max tool into a corded tool would be very interesting to have available. With that said… an accessory that slides into the battery slot with an inverter instead of lithium cells, that could turn any dewalt max tool into a corded tool would be very interesting to have available. From an engineering and marketing standpoint, it seems to me it would be a stone cold winner. Package this saw in a medium Toughbox, with a single 5ah battery, inverter pack and charger, along with a space in the insert for a second 5ah battery, a couple of blades and clamps, and WINNER!!!! If DeWalt would do the same thing, they might not get the same performance as with the battery though. Ryobi has several tools that can run on either their 18V battery pack, or off of a standard 120V AC cord.
There should be no performance loss on AC power, as long as they wouldn’t cheap out on the converter. On the other hand, if you have power available, it doesn’t take much to have a charger and swap batteries every once in a while.
Even Milwaukee, which is leading the brushless power tool market, chose to design their cordless miter saw around a brushed motor. People harp on the brushless thing because they think it’s synonymous with the latest and greatest in this generation of tools.

I think the advantage it would have provided here is the same as it provides in other tools.
Do you think that capriciously decided to engineer the saw with a brushed motor instead of a brushless one?
There’s no way you or I could say that going brushless would have provided appreciable benefit for minimal extra cost. I think alot of manufacturers are using cheap brushless motors that aren’t much better than brushed just so they can use that marketing buzzword. I think being a miter saw the benefit for brushless would be there, but given the more intermittent usage nature, runtime wouldn’t be such a big deal, and you can make a pretty strong and efficient brushed motor, but the size and weight tend to be on the large size. Stuart, did you see that Dewalt redesigned the dust port and bag to where it is not below the rails like on the bigger saws (i.e. I think DeWalt is designing a lot of these dust bags to be easily interchanged with dust collection systems. Because we get such good deals, we must reserve the right to limit quantities from time to time.
Bosch is coming out with a new folding leg miter saw stand that is GTA3800 which is designed to provide the support professionals need in sturdy, lightweight and easy to use package.
For one handed storage and transport, the stand folds up into a compact package and can be collapsed and rolled to a new place without removing an attached miter saw. The Bosch GTA3800 miter saw stand includes two integrated workpiece supports that can be extended to offer up to 16 feet of support. The supports can be altered vertically to different miter saw heights and feature built-in rollers. The locking pin which works to keep the saw head down as you are carrying it can be slid out easily but it does not have a problem supporting the entire weight of the saw head. However, it can be slid back and forth easily in case you need to make adjustments on the fly or make adjustments to a particular cut. We have looked throughout the market and have yet to find one that matches this in terms of price to value ratio.
The bottom line is, if you are in the market for the perfect miter saw, this is as close as you are going to get.
It also means smaller vertical cutting capacity, but the saw can still cut through 2x lumber.
No, not the yellow handle that’s used for operation of the miter saw, but the black carrying handle.
There shouldn’t be any compromise to strength, but that does add to the manufacturing complexity.
The Makita weighs about 28lb and will cross cut a 2×12 but disappeared from just about every tool website for some reason.
The beauty of this saw is it weighs about 7lb and it does almost everything a miter saw does and does it about three times faster. Even if Dewalt or another brand came out with an inverter attachment that allowed cordless tools to be powered by AC wall outlets, you’re going to be limited to that same current ceiling as if the tools were battery powered. That being said I am skeptical about how much a brushless motor would have raised the price. If the motor is powerful enough, and provides for decent runtime, then would the extra complexity and cost be justified?
It’s essentially a buzzword now, with very little understanding as to why it makes it better. The tools run more efficiently requiring fewer battery changes meaning your load is lighter (which is a consideration when you’re in a spot requiring a cordless mitre saw in the first place) and your time is used more efficiently (I will concede that this point could be less relevant if the existing model provides exceptional runtime) and brushless motors in general require less maintenance long term. All they have right now is their drills, impact drivers, screwdrivers, and a framing nailer. Since this is a stationary tool, weight isn’t such a big deal, nor is the size an issue when the rest of the machine is as large as it is. I have yet to see a miter saw that doesn’t spew as much chips and dust outside the bag as in.

This stand is designed to be universally compatible with any brand of miter saw, and you can have it set up and running in no time flat. We work closely with the US's largest hardware retailers to provide the largest catalog of power tools online. But, afterwards I bouth an extension (DW7080) that is a shame It is almost impossible to mount it. The bevel locking aspect is nice and big which makes it extremely easy to grip and turn as needed. It made cutting easy and we never felt like we needed to really make adjustments as the saw was cutting straight the whole time. This is easily the best miter saw on the market currently and we can now see why it is ranked #1 on Amazon.
Instead of taking long or heavy boards to the saw you take the saw to the board – incredible time saver. 1) An auxiliary power cord allowing users to plug in to a power source should one be avaliable. There’s still brushed tools being released that are more powerful than some brushless items, with better runtime and longevity (minus the 1 minute it takes to change brushes, which is heavily marketed as a HUUUUGE advantage), and at a lower cost.
The aluminum construction offers both light weight and durability for the toughest jobsite use, and the 500 pound weight capacity and 16 feet of material support mean you can use it to get more work done in less time. I was thinking about getting the hitachi for $399 before seeing this deal but I am glad I got the dewalt now.
The quick detents do not have any wiggle room and the detent override aspect makes it extremely easy to adjust the saw to virtually any angle. However, we are willing to look past that given the fact that this saw offers so much value at such a good price point. To the people who will use this saw, I am not sure $399 and $499 would change their decision. Not a problem with the DWX723; the legs fold up easily and lock in place with quick release levers, and the whole unit will fit easily into any truck bed. Getting the saw out of the box was ridiculously easy due to its carrying handle being located on the saw’s head.
Initial Impressions: First off, the miter and bevel were perfectly aligned right from the get-go.
I built a portable bench that sat on horses and accepted the fit of the saw with the side flush to the saw deck. This then prompted me to buy the 716 for when I just didn’t need a slider, again getting it at a great price!
Getting the saw out of the box was ridiculously easy due to its carrying handle being located on the saw's head.
Then I saw the 715 for $199 recently, I had some store credit, and a 10% coupon…bought it! Went to get the light line for the 715 and it is no longer compatible on the newer versions (types)!!! Newer versions (types) of the saw will be sold in a black and yellow box, whereas the old types are in an all yellow box! You can also see that the manufacturing process on the base castings are different…the metal just looks different. No biggie, but when I use my miter saw work bench, I have to shim up my 715 and 716 to make them flush with the sides.
One other thing I did note when I bought the newer version 715, it came with a 32T blade, the older version comes with a 60T blade!

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