We just learned that Dewalt will soon be coming out with a new 12″ sliding compound miter saw, model DWS782. We reviewed and recommended the DWS780 sliding miter saw a while back, and aside from hearing about a few incidents of rough bearings and guide rails, the DWS780 has proven to be a very good saw that is generally well regarded. The images we’ve seen of the DWS782 saw do show that an XPS LED module is present, but it looks like maybe the images are reused from the DWS780. Right now the DWS780 is priced at $590 via Amazon, and the new DWS782 is priced as low as $399. If you are on a tight budget, the DWS782 should provide similar performance to the DWS780 but with between $100 and $200 extra left in your wallet.
At $400, the DWS782 seems like a great buy, but without the LED shadow lighting of the DWS780, it loses some of the advantage and appeal it has over competing models. While the DWS782 lacks the LED module, the amount of money saved could mean a very nice high quality blade, or maybe even 2 blades. As much as I want to fight it, spending the extra money for a premium third party blade will probably do a lot more to improve cut quality and saw performance than the DWS780’s XPS LED module. If you don’t need the cutting capacity of the DWS782, then there are good reasons to go with a smaller, lighter, less expensive 10-inch model. I just got off the phone with Dewalt customer service, and I’m kind of surprised nobody else has noticed.
3) The LED system takes power independently(If you like you can power it on from an independent power cord or tap into the one coming to the switch).
Online price shows $399, but if you call the store and give them the SKU number, SKU# 917666, they can tell you the price plus inventory on hand. By Trade Articles and reviews that are trade-specific or suited particularly for a specific trade.
Fasteners Hardware and fasteners, including all types of screws, nails, hinges, springs, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. The only question that I'm left with is why DeWalt didn't go with a brushless motor on this model. When we did our compact miter saw shootout, we also took the opportunity to start diving deeper into a tool class that’s beginning to gain momentum—cordless miter saws. DeWalt claims that you can get up to 183 cuts in 2 x 4 pine on a single 4.0 amp hour battery. I first took the DeWalt 20V Max Miter Saw to the original run time material – untreated 2 x 4 pine. An avid endurance athlete, Kenny has competed in triathlons (he's an Ironman) and various other fitness activities. Dewalt never got back to us about whether there was any way to smoothen up the DWS780’s sliding motion when fully extended, but perhaps this is an area the DWS782 improves upon. A Dewalt sales representative has confirmed that the DWS782 will NOT feature the XPS cut-line projection module.
If the pricing is accurate, then it looks like the DWS782 could very well be intended as a lower-cost alternative or replacement to the DWS780. But, to be frank, the integrated XPS LED cut-line shadow system is a very nice feature, and one that could be worth the added premium of the DWS780.
It’s worth noting though, On the dws780 this is a very cool standard feature, and on a lot of their other saws, you could put this on as an accessory.
If there are no other under-the-hood changes, it’s probably still going to be a great high-capacity sliding miter saw.

I’ve never used the 780, so I cannot really compare, but I have used a few others, including Festool Kapex. The only (tentative) complaint I have with it so far after making several cuts, is the recoil.
I cannot dig up a link at the moment, but you should be able to find a downloadable user manual on Dewalt’s site.
I just double-checked a comparison checklist that a sales rep sent me a while back, and the only noted differences are that the DWS782 is built without XPS LED compatibility and ships with a lesser blade.
I called mine and they told me the price and said they had 3 in stock, and sure enough there were 3 on the top shelf in the tools dept.
Afterwards, the question in everyone’s minds was: how well does it perform compared to an ordinary miter saw? For the answer to this, check out my comparative review over at Popular Mechanics! With the DW703, professionals now have the option of using a 10" saw to cut larger trim sizes popular in today's construction and remodeling jobs. The new saw, DWS780, is built around a platform that already has a huge following and includes lots of tweaks worthy of an update.For me the most impressive feature was the overall weight of the new DWS780. There are only a few on the market right now, and the DeWalt 20V Max Miter Saw is the newest. Essentially, the DeWalt 20V Max Miter Saw is just a battery operated version of a compact miter saw.
Still, his passions lie with his faith, family, friends, and now—his growing love for well-designed power tools. You can add XPS LED modules to certain saws, but the DWS782 might not have been designed to accept the ~$35 add-on. Dewalt, for the past year, has been silently eliminating this feature from their saw lines. Weighing in at just 56 lbs DEWALT claims this is the lightest 12″ on the market and I tend to agree with that assessment. That seems like a pretty obvious statement to make, but DeWalt didn’t go cheap and use a bunch of plastic. I think a traditional two pronged approach here might be better—keeping the size and the outward angle of the handle. The contrast helps making your settings easy to see. The safety switch is integrated into the trigger and I really like the design.
Cordless convenience with power that exceeds my expectations and excellent build quality earn my pro recommendation for this model. You'll often find Kenny chatting up engineers at media events to better understand the chemistry and physics behind tool technology. Cannot understand why the LED is so expensive or they know that if people know they can easily do this to other models too. The folks at DEWALT made several comparisons to this years popular saw that Bosch recently introduced. In addition, the slightly smaller blade is also going to be easier on the motor and make the system more efficient. This should be a pretty solid range for trim carpenters, flooring installers, and some woodworkers. Case in point is the cast metal base which gives you a solid, stable platform to work from.
Considering that unlocking or locking the bevel takes all of 3 seconds, this certainly isn’t a deal-breaker.

This is the single greatest feature to be added to the saw, since someone put an led on drill drivers, and impact drivers.
Users can quickly set the most common miter angles at 11 positive stops on the easy-to-read miter scale. In particular DEWALT is claiming that this saw is stiffer (under side load conditions) producing more accurate cuts. There aren’t any extension wings integrated into the saw, so you may want to mount it on a stand that includes them or to your workbench. I like the fact that I don’t have to use my thumb to hold down a separate switch while I press the trigger. Would it act like a battery operated saw that has to be babied through each cut, or can it act like a miter saw?
As long as I let the motor and blade do the work instead of mashing it through, I got great cuts.
Trim carpenters and flooring installers will particularly find this to be a useful addition to their DeWalt 20V Max tools. All they need is a separate handle cover (so get an older XPS compatible model) and get its handle.
You can get used to anything, but this is one of the simplest safeties I’ve used in recent memory. I believe we’ll see a couple more models in the next year and that brushless motors will make an entry soon. The DWS780 is ideal for a variety of end users including cabinetmakers, trim carpenters, framers, installers and many other professional contractors who require a product that delivers the accuracy, capacity, durability, portability and ease-of-use that this saw offers.“Our end users frequently tell us that they turn to DEWALT miter saws because they can rely on them to get the job done over a long service life and with consistently accurate results,” explained Rafe Bennett, product manager, DEWALT. It was nice to see that the DeWalt 20V Max Miter Saw is just as accurate as any of the other miter saws we have in the shop. I hope that DeWalt runs with the success of this model and offers a brushless option in the next generation. Powered by a 15 amp motor and featuring solid ball- and roller-bearing construction, the DW703 is built to last--and perform. After nearly stripping out the torx head, I gave up and carefully took a drill to the flat head part of the combo head. Clear, easy-to-use controls, including 11 preset positive miter stops, make operation a breeze, while smooth arm and trigger action and a clean line of sight ensure precision on every cut. You can also subscribe without commenting.DisclosureProduct reviews on this site contain our opinion of a product or service.
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