While this deal is going on, for the $200 price difference you get the LED unit on the DWs780, a better saw blade, and a 6-foot heavy duty miter saw stand with extending support arm. You must add both the saw and stand to your cart, and the discount for the free saw stand will appear during checkout. I would buy something like this from Amazon over Lowes or Home Depot, but if you prefer to pick up the miter saw and stand locally, Lowes is participating in the promo as well. Update: Thanks to Paul for the heads-up about the model number for this promo bundle at Home Depot! I’d be interested to see a comparison between this type of stand and the gravity rise big wheeled sort of stand. It’s upsides are being longer, so it should be more stable when dealing with long pieces of material. Now, if Bosch did a promotion like this on their Gliding Compound Miter Saw, ooooohh, I’d be in trouble. Each of the last 2 years we have compared the Best Pro Cordless Hammer Drills, in the most recent 2015 review the DEWALT units had fallen short of to the newer Makita and Milwaukee which both were boasting well over 1000 in-lbs. As we continue to work our way through comparing all the top cordless tools (previous posts Hammer Drills, Grinders, SDS-Plus Hammers & Recip Saws) the next logical step for us was Cordless High Torque Impact Wrenches. TOWSON, MD – DEWALT launches its first cordless full-size band saw, the 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Deep Cut Band Saw DCS374. As cordless tools become more powerful with longer life batteries and price continues to come down (especially when you’re already invested in batteries) there are several tools that really start to make more sense in cordless. SDS-Plus applications are much wider in scope so it’s tougher to judge a winner or even a clear goal but our hope is this will help you as a tool when you are selecting your next SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer. The Reciprocating Saw or Sawzall is the most popular cordless cutting tool because they are so handy and very versatile. We have seen several manufacturers launch compact recip solutions recently, brushed motors and at lower price points.
The hammer drill is the most popular cordless power tool, so no surprise these are the tools we see manufacturers reinvent every couple of years. For this test we did 3 different comparisons in wood and metal to measure power, speed and runtime. Just a few short years ago the Dewalt 18V cordless battery platform was by far and away the market share leader in the power tool industry. In 2011 Dewalt also launched their own Lithium Ion exclusive platform, the 20V MAX (our original post) but has struggled to help their longtime loyal users transition to the new platform.
The Dewalt Media Event is right around the corner and we are excited to get our hands on some of these new Dewalt tools to test out.

DeWalt has officially released information about the 20V MAX cordless miter saw expected to hit the market at the end of June. We know the guys at ToolBoxBuzz have been hard at work on this 10” Sliding Miter Saw compareo with 7 of the most popular brands.
If you can do without the XPS LED cut line guidance system and don’t mind a cheaper blade, the DWS782 costs $200 less. Yes, you HAVE inspired me to get to work on my place, and it’s good to know what tools will help me. The Dewalt DW723 currently ranks as one of the top miter saw stands you can get for the price. These new DEWALT units look like they will get close or beat those number as their UWO (Unit Watt Out) rating jumps from 650 UWO to 820 UWO, DEWALT is still not reporting in in-lbs.
Hopefully everyone understands at this point, 18V “nominal” & 20V “max” are the exactly the same thing, so we are comparing apple to apple. For mechanical, electrical, HVAC, sprinkler, and general contractor applications, the new Band Saw features premium ergonomics, an efficient brushless motor, and the versatility to cut a wide variety of materials.
For demo or rough work this is often the best option but even in cutting pipe, other metals or even precision work these tools can pinch hit extremely well, if you’ve got the right accessories. These are great tools and certainly have a place for DIY and Pro users but should compliment a full size reciprocating saw solution. Some estimates we saw put the yellow team above 50% of the total cordless market with Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, etc all well behind. At that time there was a huge outcry from their user base for an adapter (just like this) that might allow for a more gradual transformation from 18V to 20V MAX.
Just a couple years ago Dewalt dominated the cordless market but since that time Milwaukee has really jumped out in front in terms of development of new brushless tools. Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs. The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company.
But if you don’t want to compromise any features, the DWS780 still costs $600, but a new promo means you can buy it and get a free miter saw stand with a retail value of $180-$200. Of course this means we will need to do a 2016 head to head comparison of Hammer Drills with the new DEWALT hammer drill DCD996.
We will also compare these top cordless ?” impact wrenches with 3 of the most popular ?” pneumatic impacts (previous post) we ran on the same Skidmore torque tester a few weeks ago. The cordless SDS-Plus rotary hammer is quickly becoming one of those tools that really compliments a cordless platform.

At this point 18V lithium batteries are more than adequate to power these types of saws for extended periods which is why it is so surprising we don’t see more brushless recip saws for the professional heavy duty use. With the technology shift from NiCd to lithium Ion however many brands made whole platform shifts making their old NiCd tools obsolete and reinvesting 100% in a new platform to take better advantage of the new technology.
In the high torque Impact Wrench battle Milwaukee M18 & Ingersoll W7150 have been the two dominant players everyone is trying to catch, at least for the past two years. As an avid reader of any and all comparison tests, especially in the tool category, we always hope to come away with a better understanding of the differences in the various products but hopefully learn more about the options in the market in general. Compound Miter Saw's precise miter system and innovative machined base fence design offer you long-term fence straightness from additional support. But i recommend a bigger saw or sliding saw if your looking for perfect cuts or if you are making a lot of wide cuts. If you want to cut wider boards, I would suggest a sliding compound miter saw or a table saw with a crosscut sled.
Looking at all 7 models together we will hopefully be able to get some definitive answers on the Cordless Impact Wrench vs Air Impact Wrench debate. Of course many of these tools will spend only a small fraction of their lives actually working in concrete and some may never touch any aggregate. Well a short 4 year later, as that 50% cordless market share has eroded away significantly, an engineering miracle, we have the adapter!
It’s nice to see the new Dewalt brushless impacts inching ahead in terms of max torque with 1200 ft-lbs (both Milwaukee & IR are 1100 ft-lbs) instead of just playing catch up. Very well done, but don’t take our word for it check out their video below then head over to their site for the full review. This miter saw is built around a powerful 15 Amp motor that delivers up to 5000 RPM to its cutting blade. The aluminum construction makes this stand not only light weight but also durable enough to hold your miter saw and cutting material. Increased power is just part of the story on these new drills, below is the full DEWALT press release. The DW723 miter saw stand is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.You can easily buy the Dewalt DW723 Miter Saw Stand from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special 50% discount price which might jump back to normal at anytime.Share this Post!
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