Over at Amazon, this Dewalt 35-piece Impact Ready┬ádrilling and driving bit set is on sale for just $15. This looks to be a decent starter set for new impact driver owners, as it includes a little of everything. With Amazon, it can be hard to tell whether a product will be on sale for a few hours, days, or weeks. If you’re not in a rush for impact bits, there should be plenty of other impact accessories sets on sale during the upcoming winter holiday shopping season. This line of hand tools, designed to increase productivity and withstand real world jobsite conditions, will deliver the same performance pros have come to expect from all of their other DEWALT products.

Last week DeWalt announced a new line of heavy-duty cordless power tools built with better ergonomics and battery life, plus an impressive line of new hand tools.
It’s typically priced at about $28-35 at other tool dealers and home improvement retailers. This set was priced at $15 through the weekend, and so it might hold at this price for some time longer. Their new, 100-product debut line includes stuff like hammers, pliers, saws, wrenches, toolboxes & more, all built for professional-grade results on the job site or at home.
Too many gaps in the contents when there are a lot of different types of tools to begin with.

The hand tools will be rolling out this month and next, and the 20V Max power tools are due to hit stores in September.

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