Following are links to the tools on Amazon along with their model numbers in case you want to shop around. With the DEWALT DC330B 18-volt cordless jigsaw, you don't have to sacrifice power and performance for cordless convenience. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! Last week, we were privileged to be invited to the Baltimore HQ of DeWalt for the launch of their new line of 12-volt tools. The most interesting thing that DeWalt did with these tools was to opt to use the traditional rectangular battery configuration as opposed to the cylindrical style that Bosch and Milwaukee use.
We've never had any complaints about the balance on the Milwaukee or the Bosch tools, but when you're holding one of them in one hand and a new DeWalt in the other, the difference is significant. So with that in mind, I actually think that the DeWalt line will be a big breakthrough as far as 12-volt awareness goes. Back to your question, they were asked during the press event about how they would compete with other very established 12-volt lines. Do you think DeWalt is 2 or 3 years too late to "12 volt game" and really won't play in the market?
Dewalt’s Tstak modular tool storage system is a little light duty for our purposes, but is a more economical alternative to Dewalt Tough System, Bosch L-Boxx, and Festool Systainer tool boxes.
The other size and style options appear to be at regular prices, but they are also eligible for the current $25 off $100+ promo. While I don’t favor the Tstak products as part of a modular tool storage system, I do like some of the tool boxes individually. Please note that the extra discount promo is only valid on Amazon when buying the eligible products directly from Amazon and not via 3rd party sellers.
You might want to check prices at Tyler Tool to see how they add up with shipping and tax if you plan to buy a batch – it may work out cheaper. Amazon has a limit of only 5 flat-top boxes per order, so I ordered 5 flat-tops and 1 deep box for $81.89 with free shipping.

We mentioned these tools a few times thus far, and will be reviewing quite a few of them in upcoming weeks as well. The professional-quality DC330B has a variable-speed, high-performance motor that's driven by an 18-volt battery (not included). This allows for the handle to be thinner (because the battery isn't in it) and for the weight of the tool to be distributed on both sides of the grip, making for a much nicer hold.
There is no question that the DeWalt feels better and much lighter, due to the smaller handle and weight balance. The drills and drivers were powerful when stacked up against the competition and the flashlight has a fantastic design. Hitachi came out of the gate strong with a variety of tools (a mini-recip and a nice right-angle impact driver), but has since been located napping behind the barn. I'm surprised that they took this long to get their 12-volt line out, but I really don't think the delay is going to cause any long term harm as far as sales go.
The Hitachi tools released over a year ago did the same thing, but they left on the battery stem which DeWalt got rid of as well.
In fact, we were almost veering towards the opinion that DeWalt might have made the handles too small. They're not a company that's going to throw the long ball and create a tool for every known micro-niche of the HVAC world like Milwaukee is prone to do.
The one we were at had an attendance so low it didn't even look like there was enough revenue generated to pay the electric bill for the Jumbo-Tron. Honestly, I think that there's the hardcore tool-watching crowd that has been onto the whole 12-volt thing for the past three years, but I think that most people out there really don't know much about the 12 volt lines.
That happened to me in the past where they cancelled an order for a single L-Boxx-3 two months afterwards because they couldn’t fill it.
We've got some pretty massive paws and our little finger was snugged up right against the battery. DeWalt is now fully into the fray with a solid line of tools and they're no doubt researching (and probably already testing) their next wave.

We live in the vicinity of the over-expensive and always-packed Fenway and don't understand why, if you have the ability to hit up a game, you wouldn't. They're about tough tools for the tradesman, and the tools that they make are the kind that can hop from a plumber to an electrician and then over to a carpenter. And then there's Milwaukee who is apparently looking into releasing a 12-volt tool for every single action that has ever been taken on a job site. Also, if you start going now, when they win the Series in fifteen years, you'll be able to say you stuck with them through the worst of it (and boy, oh boy, this sure is the worst of it).
There's also the fact that the DeWalt line is probably going to be at eye level at the checkout of every Home Depot in the country. The all-metal keyless shoe bevel features detents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, providing versatility for easy bevel cutting. It's interesting to watch all of this develop and we're sure that another chapter in the 12-volt saga will be written in a month when we pack up and head out to Milwaukee for another one of these events. And it's packed full of professional features, including a full 1-inch blade stroke length, keyless lever-action blade clamp for easy blade changes, and a four-position, orbital-action switch that lets you match the cut quality and speed to the material. Comfort and Convenience The DC330B has a top-handle design for enhanced comfort and control, and it's complemented by an anti-slip comfort grip. Warranty This DEWALT tool is backed by three-year limited warranty covering any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship (from the date of purchase).
It's also covered by DEWALT's one-year free service contract, where DEWALT will maintain the tool and replace worn parts caused by normal use--for free. What's in the Box One DEWALT DC330B 18-volt cordless jigsaw and operating instructions (batteries and charger sold separately).

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