Last week DeWalt announced a new line of heavy-duty cordless power tools built with better ergonomics and battery life, plus an impressive line of new hand tools. Like all DeWalt power tools, the DC385 is made of high quality impact resistant yellow plastic, which covers about 60% of the tool.
If you own a several DeWalt tools, and want to add a  reciprocating saw to your arsenal, the DC385 is a very good buy, especially for occasional use.
On a full charge, with a sharp reciprocating saw blade, it is able to cut most non heavy gauge metal materials such as wood and plastics with relative ease.

The hand tools will be rolling out this month and next, and the 20V Max power tools are due to hit stores in September.
The four position blade clamp allows the blade to be positioned in four different ways – two vertical, and two horizontal positions. Pulling the lever at the front of the saw allows you to exchange blades or reposition them for differing applications.
This additional protection and construction is required because reciprocating saws are frequently used during demolition projects.

The pivoting adjustable shoe at the front of the saw allows you to press the saw against the material you’re cutting at different angles.

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