The WallPeg Combination pegboard system offers a smarter method to organize your hand and lawn tools. Durable tuff plastic construction designed to last, never rust, perfect for garage, basement, tool shed, any wall surface. Utilize the vertical area in your garage or workshop with long lasting, easy-to-install pegboard. This attractive plastic pegboard system boasts functions not discovered in traditional perforated bit boards, and it offers flex-lock pegs and handy bins to keep your work space devoid of clutter.

Created to Expand with Your Requirements Wallpeg modular pegboard system is simple to install right from the box.
Easy, One-Person Installation Built-in ribs on the back of each WallPeg panel make furring strips unnecessary, so you can hang your pegboards with ease. Each kit consists of all the installation materials you need to firmly mount your pegboard on drywall or studs.
Built-in ribs on the back of each panel permit pegboard to mount quickly into a stud or drywall without the use of extra materials.

The kit consists of 2 pegboard panels 24" x 24" for a mounted size of 24" x 48", 44 flex-lock peg hooks, installing hardware, and 2 round bins.

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