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However, this isn't a tip I'm familiar with (mostly because we cut so much more often with rotary cutters). I had to have a talk with the family about how important my shears are to me and why i bought kitchen scissors for all their other stuff.
Thank you for this article,most people nowadays probably think that's awkward but it's such a useful thing in our daily lives. Hi, my kids NEVER touched sewing things, My son, when he grew up, bought me the greatest set of sissors from Snao ON Tools. I always put my shears and scissors back where they belong, so of course, everyone knew where to go for them when they needed to cut something. I used to put a combination lock through the handles of my "good" scissors so that no one else could use them!

My children would probably tell you that they grew up with the threat of a long, painful death if they ever used my good shears to cut anything.
I'm going to come down on the side of not closing all the way as that way the scissors have more of a slicing action. Shears look like scissors but have blades more than 6" long and different handle loops for your fingers and thumb.
All you need to do is sharpen them occasionally, oil the pivot screw, and never use them to cut anything but fabric (see grandma).Scissors In sewing jargon, scissors have blades under 6" and identical handle loops for your fingers and thumb. But don't use them to cut fabric.Snips These small scissors with pointy blades are perfect for reaching in and snipping stray threads. You never have to lift the blade, so your fabric doesn't move and you make fewer cutting errors. These "cutting mats" come in various sizes, have handy grid lines on them, and are are self-healing (unlike your hand should you accidentally run over it with a rotary cutter).

Get the biggest mat you can fit on your sewing table, because the larger your cutting mat, the less you'll have to move your fabric. For even more detail about this tool, read our rotary cutter product review.Seam Ripper If you want your projects to look professional, you have to be willing to re-do seams that don't look quite right. It doesn't actually rip the seam but neatly slices the sewing thread, allowing you to try, try again.
Here's more information on ripping out seams.Tips For Cutting ToolsWhen cutting fabric, keep the bottom blade of your shears on the cutting surface.
This will allow them to glide smoothly through the fabric.The less you move your fabric when cutting, the fewer errors you'll have.

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