The Bolt-On system, which we previewed when it first came out, includes a base handle and selection of tool attachments you can purchase separately. My preference is to have a tool box filled with wrenches, ratchets, and sockets sourced and purchased separately. If you’re the type of person that likes all-in-one tool sets, check out this 56pc Craftsman universal mechanics tool set.
Craftsman’s mechanics tool sets offer great bang-for-the-buck, but which one is right for you? For many users, this 200-piece set provides a good balance of ratchets, wrenches, and sockets to build your tool collection around. The set comes with a total of 128 sockets, 62 hex keys and screwdriver bits, 3 ratchets, 1 extension, and 6 combination wrenches. Craftsman’s newest limited edition tool storage combo features a 6-drawer chest and 4-drawer mobile cabinet with a great-looking blacked-out matte black finish.
Take away the cool-looking exterior finish and you still have a very versatile tool storage setup. If you’re going to spruce up your garage or workspace with doodads and decorations, why not choose something functional? I would recommend against a couple of those items: the universal multi-tool set and the storage.
As for storage, I bought a number of Craftsman ball bearing and Griplatch tool chests and they all served me well.
The Deluxe Miter Saw Stand Has the Angles CoveredIf you have a project that calls for precision, the Craftsman deluxe miter saw stand will help you make sure you get it right the first time without frustrating slips and wasted wood.
The brackets of this universal stand fit most 10- and 12-inch miter saws, as well as other bench top tools, for hassle-free mounting and removal.

This expanded 80pc socket set that also comes with a great selection of hex and Torx screwdriver bit sockets.
I am quite fond of the shallow 6-drawer configuration of the top chest, as this maximizes the amount of space available to store and organize tools in. Check out our Black Friday coverage, which lists a couple of other Craftsman storage combos that will likely go on sale again during the holiday shopping season. I occasionally use mine to cut plastic and aluminum as well, with the proper blade of course.
It features universal brackets, spring-loaded folding legs, extendable support arms (up to 80″), and two height-adjustable rollers for added workpiece support.
The stand rests on sturdy steel legs that lock in place to support up to 330 pounds-that’s plenty of capacity for your saw and your project materials. This supportive stand offers a compact design that is easy to transport and store, and yet the support arms extend up to 80 inches to accommodate those longer work pieces.
For all of you DIYer, weekend warriors, and even pro users, here are 10 Craftsman tool and accessory gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your face.
The 4-drawer rollaway is a bit different, and instead features spacious drawers to hold bulkier items. If you have a multi-bit screwdriver, upgrade to a screwdriver set, such as this 17pc assortment. It sounds strange, but hammers make great gifts for new homeowners, renters, and even college students. This Universal Miter Saw Stand lets you use your miter saw and other bench top tools just about anywhere. High performance, reasonable price, and the new Li-ion battery tech works with all other C3 tools.

Have you ever seen or heard someone use a stapler to drive a photo-hanging nail into the wall?
With the blacked out version there’s probably a premium built in there for the finish. The stand includes a two-outlet power strip, giving you the freedom to work away from electrical outlets.
Break free from the chains of your workshop or garage, and bring your miter saw and other tools from job to job. Take away the very handy miter gauge and you still have a very functional multipurpose saw.
My favorite is still the sunburst orange finish, and I’m hoping Craftsman brings back yellow as well. This compact, portable stand weighs less than 25 pounds, so transporting it is never a hassle. Plus, it offers spring-loaded support legs that fold up for easy storage, taking you from workshop to truck to construction site and back again. Money back or Replacement Buyer is responsible for return costs of any kind (shipping, customs) isaacskaufman Store Increase traffic to your listing with Auctiva’s FREE Scrolling Gallery.

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