10" Compound Miter Saw Cuts with Perfect PrecisionExpect precise, extra-clean cuts every time with the Craftsman 10" Miter Saw. Craftsman 12 Inch Compound Miter Saw Delivers Fast and Accurate CutsWith a smooth gliding double rail system, the Craftsman Single Bevel Miter Saw reaches out with precision to cut through boards up to 12 inches wide. The ball-bearing 15-amp, 3,800-rpm motor allows this saw to power through the toughest wood, including oak and maple. If you have experience with one of the miter saws listed on this site, please create an account and make a review of the saw or saws that you have used. When you need fast, accurate miters, bevels and cross cuts, this Sliding Compound Miter Saw delivers. Loaded with fast changing positive stops, a quick cam miter lock and front bevel lock, this Miter Saw Sliding Compound saw delivers the rapid, accurate adjustments that keep your work pace fast and ensure every cut is done right. This 15-amp electric miter saw features a 40-tooth carbide tip saw blade that stays sharp, and cutting boards up to 2"x6" and 4"x4" will be quick and easy.

Whether you work with wood professionally or as a hobby, this saw will make impressively-accurate crosscuts, miter, bevel and compound cuts. And featuring a wide, clearly visible laser guide line, this saw helps you make every cut right on mark.
Whether you're working crown molding, railing or basic miters, you get the job done perfectly the first time. Use Craftsman's innovative Angle Finder system to measure the wall, it works on an outside or inside corner, then use the measuring tool to set the saw's adjustable V-fence. A serious addition to the jobsite, wood shop and the back of any pick-up, this saw slices with a rapid 4,200 revolutions per minute, delivering smooth, razor sharp cuts so each bevel, miter and joint fit together with precision.
A solid machine, it features cast aluminum construction, high end steel parts and moveable table extensions that make short work of even the largest pieces. You're now following Miter & Chop Saws in your eBay Feed.You will receive email alerts for new listings.

It slices through wood perfectly regardless of the position it's in and will make sure it stays steady while you're working. Handy to have at home and tough and accurate enough for the job, this saw lets you work precisely and fast. The saw works with a wide variety of materials including hard board, plywood, soft fiberboard and decorative panelling. Whether you’re casing windows in a penthouse, slapping down base board on the job, or building a bird house in the back yard, this saw delivers speed and accuracy in a build that will last.

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