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This convenient cordless reciprocating saw cuts through various materials, with no cord to get in your way. This item can only be shipped within the 48 contiguous states via Standard Ground Shipping.
Not too long ago if you saw someone using a Hitachi drill, you might have asked him at what carnival game did he win it? Well, I have to say these are very nice drills, they are powerful, solid, and have a good balance, and they feel just right in your hand. Also don’t forget to take a look at all our power tool reviews and see the reviews about the Hitachi power tools.
Like all DeWalt power tools, the DC385 is made of high quality impact resistant yellow plastic, which covers about 60% of the tool. If you own a several DeWalt tools, and want to add a  reciprocating saw to your arsenal, the DC385 is a very good buy, especially for occasional use. Sears decided to have an early Black Friday sale and slashed the price of this Craftsman 2-tool starter combo kit.

If you’re looking for a kit with a slightly better drill with a 2-speed gearbox and two batteries instead of one, check out this Ryobi cordless starter kit, which is only $20 more. I bought the complete set,(circular saw, reciprocating saw, drill gun and flashlight with extra ,(4 different blades), for the circular saw back around 2006. The reciprocating saw offers a comfortable overmolded grip, an adjustable footplate and an open shoe for better visibility and utility. On a full charge, with a sharp reciprocating saw blade, it is able to cut most non heavy gauge metal materials such as wood and plastics with relative ease.
They have since been stolen and I miss them as I used them several times a year around the house I rented and for other jobs. The cordless design of the tools in this kit offer convenience and the ability to easily carry tools around.
You can select hammer drill mode, drill-only mode and also driver mode, which utilizes the various clutch settings when driving screws.
The four position blade clamp allows the blade to be positioned in four different ways – two vertical, and two horizontal positions. Hitachi offers a wide range of combo kits that have different drills and other tools in the kits.

Pulling the lever at the front of the saw allows you to exchange blades or reposition them for differing applications. This additional protection and construction is required because reciprocating saws are frequently used during demolition projects. The pivoting adjustable shoe at the front of the saw allows you to press the saw against the material you’re cutting at different angles.
I only wish I could now afford to replace them after they were stolen by a former roommate pretending to be a landlord.
Being on a low monthly fixed income I am constantly checking the internet hoping to find some of these Craftsman tools or the same items at a price I can afford to try and replace them. Unfortunately, this saw is not very powerful and would not cut branches over about 2 inches in diameter without draining the battery, taking a long time, and causing a lot of frustration.

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