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Thanks for sharing, I'm looking to do some organizing of my own and am a carpenter by trade so the cleat system looks right up my alley!! From October 12th through December 25th, 2013…with every Wonder Junior Deluxe Handmill you purchase you will receive a FREE Drill Bit Adapter. Simply remove the handle, attach the bit to your drill, slide bit over the end of the shaft, hold it snug, and let the drill do all the work.

We recommend using a variable speed drill so that you can keep the speed low to prevent prematurely wearing out grain mill and making a mess. Just about any drill will work for soft item, even a cordless drill will work for milling very soft items. Per the manufacturer, using this Drill Bit Adapter does NOT void the warranty of the grain mill. I'm not sold though, and need you to come and install it in my garage and organize all my tools and stuff before I'm convinced!!
I know yall all thought I was stupid, but I only have one eye and heve extremely limited depth perception. I like the idea of being able to slide stuff around and I really like how you have your cordless drills setup..

The Drill Bit Adapter has a $29.95 retail value and allows you to run your Wonder Junior Deluxe Handmill fast and easy with your electric drill. The manufacturer recommends that your speed should not exceed 160 RPM, about twice as fast as you can crank it by hand.
I have a small, one and half car workshop, and was jumping from one project to another and things got out of control! If not you can buy a heavy duty drill and this attachment for much less than a motorizing pulley and a motorizing setup, plus you can use the drill for more than your grain mill.

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