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Bosch's PS10-2A is a great smaller drill that has a unique shape that helps you get into tight spaces. The Original Pink Box Drill is the best cordless drill designed for smaller hands and light duty tasks. Along with rapid changeovers from depth sensitive screwdriving to hole drilling and angle drilling. Its case may be powder-puff pink, but inside it is still a substantial 18-volt Lithium-ion battery-powered drill.This is not a drill meant for heavy, continuous use. If you just need to drill a hole once a month or so, or want to drill for an hour, this should get you by. It is marketed for women who want to fill out their home toolbox for this-and-that repairs, such as installing curtain rods, reattaching seat bottoms on chairs, or tightening pot handles in the kitchen. This drill is not only externally cute, but is the best cordless drill in this niche inside its pink body.Men may even consider buying the Original Pink Box Drill as a way to deter other workers from “borrowing” their tools at the jobsite.

The compact size helps make this the top cordless drill for getting into spaces between joists for installing electrical boxes, for example, or drilling holes for cabling. Bosch says this two-step speed feature provides twice any competitor’s speed for screw driving and drilling.
The Bosch warranty provides a three-year protection plan: full replacement of the drill in the first year, replacement of the battery for two years, and free repair in years two and three.
The Festool T 12+3 Li-Ion Cordless Drill Set is the best cordless drill in this size.Interchangeable chucks set this drill apart. Offset drilling and driving? This shaves even more depth off the tool and you can reach into tight spaces for repetitive work, so long as you are using hexagonal shank bits.Weight a MinuteThe Festool weighs just over three pounds. When dialed below 10, drill speed is reduced.The electronic clutch gives an audible signal to let you know the clutch is engaged. In drill mode the tool automatically overrides the clutch, saving wear and tear and providing maximum torque: 300 inch-pounds in steel or 220 inch-pounds in wood. The brushless motor produces less heat and less motor wear than brush motors.Festool FinesseFestool has a motto, “Faster, Easier and Smarter,” and this tool is evidence of that philosophy.

This is great for masonry drilling, but also makes drilling with Forstner bits or auger bits easy. The drill of all drills is Milwaukee’s 2611 Hammer Drill.Hammer TimeMilwaukee’s hammer drill delivers 650 inch-pounds of torque and an astounding range of 0 to 28,000 blows per minute (bpm).
An onboard LED light helps you see your target.Get a GripMilwaukee put a carbide-jawed ratcheting metal chuck on the hammer drill. At slightly over five pounds, this big drill takes full advantage of composite plastic housing to shed weight.What You GetThe carrying case holds the hammer drill, side handle, two 18-volt rechargeable batteries, and the charger.

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