Over at Amazon, their “Deal of the Day” is this Dewalt 18V cordless lithium ion drill kit for $135!! The XRP version is a little over a pound or so heavier, and features a 3-speed gearbox instead of 2.
Metabo has just announced their new MAG 28 LTX, a cordless magnetic drill press that will be powered by their 25.2V lithium-ion battery packs.
Metabo doesn’t’ give drill tip pressure in their PDF – but says the mag base is rated at 2500 lb.
We’re not recommending these models, but if you only have $40 to spend on a cordless drill, these models are about the best you can get. I like those, I think I will go for the Lithium Ion one as I’ve heard the batteries hold their charge better and last longer.
As with their cordless palm nailer, Milwaukee’s new hammer drill seems to be the first of its kind in the compact 12V market. I found this drill on another site and was highly impressed with the amount of tourque it was able to dispense.
It is possible to refer lack of possibility to shortcomings of this mechanism to work as two hands by means of the additional handle, what not it will be convenient to each worker. Minus of this type of a wireless drill many can apprehend for themselves as insufficient mAh of accumulators. Makita MT081E Screwdriver can work in a mode of drilling and not lag behind the similar competitors. Certainly, Makita MT081E Screwdriver can’t work around the clock, it is constantly necessary for transferring to the place of additional charge of accumulators. Milwaukee M18™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION Compact Drill Driver 2601-22 – wireless screwdriver and in combination the puncher. As the negative moments of Milwaukee M18™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION Compact Drill Driver 2601-22 that characterizes practically all tools of such class serves. I bought this combo for the same price last year when it had the original Li-Ion batteries. I have been wanting to purchase this combo for some time and the better battery and free shipping made it an easy decision. It’s actually priced at $160, but their current $25 off $100 coupon slashes the price even further. It looks as if this one already has the metal transmission and good chuck so perhaps the difference between this and the XRP model is just the batteries. The drill is held to ferrous surfaces via permanent rare earth magnets, as opposed to electromagnets which would draw power from the battery.

These drills are about as no-frills as you can get and include the bare-minumum of features. To work at big building by means of this puncher it is possible rather periodically, rather than it is constant. The engine of this drilling car works stably and can transfer a drill from a crushing mode to drilling at that account that works from accumulators. When crushing wall return can brightly be felt in hands therefore it is necessary or to put on special gloves, or those areas where return strong to transfer to a drilling mode, having preferred convenience of work at the expense of its duration.
This wireless tool can be taken, for example, on giving under construction per day where the electricity isn’t carried out still. In this sense at existence on object of the generator of an electric current, it is more expedient to have a usual wire drill. It has the small weight, eighteen steps of the torque, two speeds (with a drilling mode), automatic blocking of the engine.
It isn’t so powerful, as his 18V colleagues therefore its work can be narrowed only for a screwing screws out or in. Possesses the convenient fast-tightening boss, without causing any slightest difficulties at reinstallation of drills. Works without wires by means of accumulators and it can be used in the most different situations.
It can drill concrete walls, but it is better to apply the puncher follows, working with plaster, a tufa and so on.
Freely keeps in one hand, without causing exhaustion when it is possible to work long both at vertical surfaces, and on horizontal (a ceiling, a floor). Here can be both relative engine capacity, and fragility at continuous operation, and many other things that it is impossible to carry to professional punchers.
The Craftsman and Ryobi models come with NiCad battery packs and the Black & Decker a Li-ion battery. It is possible to carry the one-coupling nasal part to them, allowing to change a drill one hand without additional superfluous actions. It can affect not simply operating time, but also not each wall which is recommended to be drilled BSB 18 LI drill.
Drilling takes place in a concrete wall with ease, it is possible to switch to a crushing mode if necessary. It can be carried to its minuses as work in house conditions this one, and the professional builder will resort, naturally, to the puncher of other class. Also possesses low noise level, and the puncher is tiny, convenient and at work gives only pleasant feelings of pleasure.

Perfectly consults on a tree, at work with concrete allows to pass to a mode of shock work of a drill. Also abuses with drilling of concrete designs and furthermore with fittings, are undesirable. Complete with it there are spare accumulators that allows to work with 12V Cordless practically without interruption, and at the right time it will be disconnected, preserving the engine. If to look on this situation with professional point, everywhere passableness is unserious relation to work. Two speeds allow to change a mode of its work depending on an objective – to drill or vibrate. The additional handle can be adjusted differently under any hand and increases convenience of work with the tool, and the one-coupling termination increases greatly this convenience. Thanks to small weight it is very convenient for transferring, and the additional handle – to hold and use.
Perfectly copes sharp a tree, with drilling of walls of small depth, and also in work with in can smoothly operate.
Therefore this equipment can be applicable only for concrete branch of construction works of average complexity and for short-term easy works. As you note, weight is an issue with these machines – and we like our older BUX drill for its aluminum construction. But on construction object of Hilti SFC 22-A Cordless compact drill driver has no popularity unless, work with it beginning helpers can only, and the master for the sake of a certain moment in work where such screwdriver can help, won’t carry it with itself because of inexpediency. The capacity of accumulators allows it to work under the set work without a recharge, and the engine increases complexity of a task. Also possesses a mode of shock drilling and simple drilling at three being switched speeds.
The engine is calculated on average capacity that is quite enough for its modes of crushing and drilling. Actually works from batteries, being charged about an hour, also can work in any conditions. We use the 4209 mostly for horizontal drilling of plate there a stationary drill press can’t reach.

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