The impact driver seems to have received the same rubber-bumper-treatment as Porter Cable’s new drill. With the LEDs, it could have been a cost or design consideration, or a way for Porter Cable to differentiate their impact from Dewalt’s. I thought their last generation of battery powered tools at Lowes were lazy, but good Craftsman competitors. My feeling is that Porter Cable is launching the 20V line as more of a professional tool line. At every SBD event there is a presentation slide that shows what type of users each brand aims to market to. I do believe the stats on this impact driver are pretty good and can compete with dewalts non brushless 20v impact driver which I have. Just bought the 20v impact I do like the look and feel of the tool I like the actual quick release. Dewalt’s new 20V Max compact cordless drill (DCD780C2) is powerful enough to tackle most common drilling and driving tasks without being weighty and tiring to use. The ratcheting chuck locks beautifully with a satisfying click-click-click, and doesn’t loosen up at all, even when holding thinner drill bits. Rubber bumpers protect your work surface should you place the drill on its side, and a removable belt hook and bit holder can be fixed to the drill just above the battery. One thing that we definitely appreciated was the higher 2000 RPM capabilities of the motor since we often work with smaller drill bits. So what your saying then is that my expectation that a product perform as specified, marketed, and designed is unrealistic? I have one of these at home, and we now have two at work, and all three of them run dead true.
Update: there is some slight wobble at lower speeds, but an almost immeasurable degree of bit deflection. Is there a cordless drill that you might recommend for me to purchase to do this primary task?
If the soil is relatively soft and with few buried roots or branches, than a compact and lower powered drill like this Dewalt should suffice. I did not see a response to Bob Lindsay’s April 2013 question about the Dewalt DCD780 dropping bits when the brake engages. Generally when i change a bit in any of my keyless chuck cordless drills, i grasp the chuck sleeve, and either run the drill in reverse or froward to loosen or tighten the chuck. I have a Dewalt dcd 771 and can’t figure how to lock the chuck key on the drill motor. If the chuck is detached from the drill, it’s probably damaged and should be exchanged for a replacement drill. The drill above is the DCD780, but the DCD771 should look similar – it should be a complete drill right out of the box. Thought I would see a comparison, but really, it looks like an advertisement for some new 18v (er 20V, yeah, that’s it) Dewalt. The real question is if everyone else will jump aboard the 20v marketing like they all did with 12v….

Just returned my 20v DeWalt 2pc combo kit at Home Depot after seeing the white 18v lithium Makita drill smoke the hell out of the DeWalt.
I have to agree with Adam, it does look like lego designed it, especially the battery pack. I just retired a 10 year old Makita impact and I really wanted the Makita brushless but couldn’t justify the cost at this time and I avoid Dewalt cordless tools as the last set I had didn’t last much longer than a year!
Ignore the negative comments by those who are brand specific, life-long lovers of certain tools. Dewalt designed this bad boy to be compact and lightweight, and it looks like they’ve done a great job. We were slightly concerned about how much we’d like the speed selection switch, but it toggles easily with a thumb or 1-2 fingers. It does not quite approach the lightness of a 12V drill, but it’s as light as we could ask for. If we had to sum it up, we’d say that the drill is powerful enough for most medium-duty tasks and comfortable enough to use all day.
It is not optimized for those looking for a heavy-duty drill-through-anything and drive-any-bolt model. You can also find the DCD780 drill bundled in a 2-tool combo kit with the new 20V Max impact driver. Review samples are typically returned, donated, or in some cases retained for further testing or comparison purposes. The minor wobble seems to correct itself at slow speeds, and the tip of a 6-inch bit didn’t seem to stray at all.
I want to get a cordless drill that will enable me to easily bore 8-10″ deep holes in the dirt surrounding my 10 Queen Palm trees.
I rather spend a few extra dollars than be disappointed with a drill that is not up to this strange task.
If the problem has been resolved I would love to know how, my 780 looses bits all of the time, and it is frustrating! Although the manual does not reference this practice, they do say to grasp the sleeve and manually turn it to open or close the chuck.
We put together the following guide to help you choose the ones best suited for your needs, and to make it easier to compare these to other brands’ tools. The DeWalt was struggling to put a lag screw in treated lumber, while the Makita put it down effortlessly.
Note: Danilo and both Everardo and Manimal who left comments in this post are the same person. I would expect for the slightly lower-spec’ed 20V Max tools to be priced slightly less as well. I once described a PC product as a great choice for DIYers on a public forum and received an email from PR reminding me that PC designed and tested that particular product for jobsite demands. Overload-current protection does not seem to be as sensitive as with other brands’ compact offerings, allowing us to push it a little bit further. I like the feel of the drill in my hand and it runs for a long time on these lithium ion batteries.

Its going back if I can’t fix this cause the drill is useless if my bits keep falling off. I haven’t encountered this problem myself, and Bob never mentioned how he resolved the problem with his drill.
Multiple comments from the same person under different names usually indicates a secret agenda and the intent to deceive an audience. The knob has rounded detents, which make it as easy to grip with a gloved hand as the bumpy knob on the 12V DCD710S2 drill we reviewed last year. It would be great if the dewalt and porter cable batteries were cross compatible so I could buy into their tool line and save some money. I love the fact that it has metal gears and the drill chuck actually holds bits in place unlike my Milwaukee cordless drill! Porter cables current 18v line has incredible deals on bare tools, I remember a few months ago when my jigsaw died on site, I shopped around for a new one. Same day-Disassembled a table with lag bolts, then put up a work wall to hang some basic hand tools. I didn’t want to spend too much on a new one, good corded ones were about $100, the 20v dewalt jigsaw was way over $100.
My only complaint is the fact that it came with a soft bag which is essentially useless for me. I saw the 18v porter cable jigsaw bare tool at the store and was amazed at the $50 price tag, too bad I didn’t own their batteries and charger.
Sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other brands, but it is a real value if PC pushes support and reasonably priced replacement batteries.
I would love to know where i could purchase a proper hard case for the set instead of the silly man-purse cloth bag.
I have not compared the competitors impacts but I can’t see any reason to ever buy a different one. I’ve tried other drills in the same class (Ridgid had the worst) and each has significant wobble. This time around, it would be great if I could use my dewalt 20v batteries on inexpensive porter cable tools. I have to laugh when people said that other brands had three lights instead of one as being better- if you need that much more light-grab a shop light.
I think it looks fine and was much cheaper than all comparable impacts that were for sale around it.
I realize that this is a minor point but I like to keep things from rattling around too much.

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