You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Supports your crown molding in its natural angled position for the easiest possible miter cuts.
Bosch's MS1233 Crown Stop Kit fits onto a wide range of miter saws to support your crown molding in the same angled position on the saw table as it would be on the wall. Purchased the Bosch miter saw and I want to do some trimming in my house using crown molding.

These compact, lightweight Fence Clamps allow you to secure a huge variety of shop-made auxiliary fences to your existing fences without having the clamp interfere with your work.
This means there's no need to deal with complicated compound angles, as you would if cutting the material flat on the table. That means no more clunky wood screws and C-clamps and no need to screw into your expensive fence! Clamps can be used singly as stop blocks, or in pairs for sacrificial fences, half-fences, resaw fences, and a variety of other fixtures.

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