Online Coffee Shop is the first in South Africa to bring you the all new La Marzocco Lux D coffee grinder.
The La Marzocco Lux D grinder represents the first collaboration between La Marzocco Home and Mazzer. The Plus PID machines feature twin manometers to display both pump and boiler pressures allowing greater Barista control over the extraction process.
Since 1883 Caffe’ Tomeucci has been sourcing and blending top quality single origin coffee from around the globe. With over 130 years of dedication to the coffee industry, this coffee’s quality is guaranteed. A Tamper Station enables you to place the portafilter securely and firmly into a perfectly shaped cut-out and to keep it steady and even while you are tamping the coffee grounds.
This sturdy Knock box  is designed to make handling and cleaning fast, efficient and enjoyable.
All things considered, we rate the Profitec Pro 700 to be the best dual boiler espresso machine on the market.
The Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Domestic Espresso Coffee Machine is a semi-automatic, dual-boiler espresso machine with PID so the temperature for both boilers may be adjusted individually. A great feature of the Profitec Pro 700 is that the PID display becomes a shot timer once you start to extract your espresso. CIME Quadra 2 Group Commercial Espresso Coffee Machine – semi-automatic, as with all CIME espresso machine, offers great value for money while offering a high quality product that delivers.

We have in fact had to remove a lot of our entry level machines because the Cime Quadra won hands down. The brand new Compak E5 OD Grind on Demand Domestic Coffee Grinder of the new Fresh line has been developed in collaboration with some of the most renowned Baristas in the world. This new addition takes the K3 Touch series to a new level with digital programmable doses.
Traditionally 9 bar of pump pressure extracts the flavours and oils from the coffee to produce espresso. The Rocket Espresso pressure profiling system uses a five step approach to allow the extraction to be split into five different time intervals, each allowing for a different pressure to be programmed, making it possible to both ramp up or ramp down pump pressure depending on the coffee type and flavours being chased.
Online Coffee Shop is proud to be the first South African distributor to bring you the new Cunill Tron and Luxomatic coffee grinders. The Cunill Luxomatic is the world’s most silent coffee grinder, operating at only 55 decibels. The Cunill Tranquilo Tron On Demand Domestic Coffee Grinder is the ideal grinder for the home Barista or small restaurant. The biggest mistake budding Baristas make is that they over steam the milk resulting in un-sweet milk with the incorrect texture. In order to make the perfect mico-foam you need cool, fresh milk that is steamed to the correct temperature. Made in Italy, the Sirman MCF-1.5HP Retail Packet Commercial Coffee Grinder is easy to clean and operate and offers the biggest bang for your buck.

With a powerful 1.5Hp motor and massive 84mm burrs this grinder will deliver on its promises. This grinder has been optimized for the barista at home with a configuration that fits in to your ritual. The Rocket Espresso designed boiler utilises thick lead free brass end plates and an insulated boiler for energy savings and increased thermal stability. Therefore it is an indispensable tool for the barista or espresso lover and also provides a practical option to organise your countertop and to protect its surface. The heavily aluminum knock bar is damped with a food grade silicone tube and can easily be removed from the trendy duroplastic casing, which is of course dishwasher safe as well as food-grade. Designed to transform coffee during the grinding process without altering its properties and bringing out the benefits of each origin.
The R 60V with a unique pressure profile system allows further enhancement in the cup with the ability to fine tune pump pressure over the course of the extraction.
With its big 60mm burrs, powerful 275W motor and digitally programmable touch screen this grinder will deliver.
It is sized between the Mazzer Mini and Mazzer Super Jolly and introduces an On Demand Dosing system.

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