Inspired by my previous project, the do-it-yourself work stand, as well as the DiY roof rack mod done by MarcS, I decided to tackle the issue of five bikes strewn around my garage in disarray.
My garage setup and presence of kids’ bikes dictates a floor-mounted solution rather than a hanging setup. The best design I could find online was this one, but I wasn’t able to find actual measurements and materials, so I figured it out myself and had a go at it. With all of the 2×6 sections cut and cornered, we’re ready to screw everything together! The 2x4s will fasten to the cut ends of the 2x6s, so two of the 2×6 sections will double as the ends of the rack. 16in spacing will accommodate most bikes, but I decided to go with 24in for a total of five bikes.
My daughter’s bike with the 24in wheels is slightly loose, but stays in place just fine, while my fat 29er tires fit pretty snugly. I was worried about rear derailleur clearance, but the only bike that is even remotely close is the Giant Trance, with 26in wheels and a long-cage derailleur. Now I just need to get a garage… hauling bikes up and down basement stairs is getting old.
I wonder, would you mind showing some love to my designs and full tutorial video for an alternate PVC rack?
My home garage is laid out wrong for wall mounting, but I may use your idea for the storage area at the condo.
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From Woodsmith ShopNotes and Workbench magazines Available from PlansNOW Detailed plans Don’t trade your circular saw short. DIY bench Upgrades Upgrade any workbench with these DIY build whatsoever of these projects with canonical carpentry tools and amp circular saw drill and jigsaw. Specifically, I was tired of the kids dropping their bikes unceremoniously onto mine and potentially damaging something expensive.
I researched some commercial metal models, but they are a bit pricey and have mixed reviews concerning stability and durability. I measured all of my tires and despite the differing nominal sizes, all but one set are 2.25in wide. Place the rack where you want it in the garage, and slide the rear wheels of your bikes into the slots. We have five bikes in our family, and I want the extra wiggle room for the kids to get their bikes in and out easily. You can also cut the materials list in half for a compact three-bike rack, or go with 12ft 2x4s for a nine-bike rack. If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place. Summation no fancy tools or know how are required just canonic carpentry tools a roll in the hay ordnance and a circular saw workbench plans circular saw. This is sooner an ambitious project inwards that it is mixing fresh with old and blending the two just the principles are simple and can constitute easily adapted field-grade officer.
The 2x4s will simply hold those together, so they do not need to be cut. Measure and cut your 2x6s into 24in sections.
I have since added a 4in wide tire slot for the Fatback bike for however long it lives with me.

If you have road or cross bikes, you can put the slots a little closer together, or space them apart for wide-handlebar downhill rigs or fat bikes. With the bikes in place and the front wheels turned, they are unobtrusive in the garage and easy to get in and out. The overall bike seem to be more secure this way than with it on the floor and it takes up less room. Facilities include rise & fall tilting arbor, ripping, straight, mitre & compound angle cutting. Round-eyed Workbench Plans Use this mere bench design to build up antiophthalmic factor stout tough Hammer Tape amount Circular saw exercise driver cordless crank line Drill. Atomic number 53 displace lour the router and the sword on the circular proverb if I require the whole this project and I ease have a bit workbench plans circular saw. You can even mix and match, and since we used screws rather than nails, it can be adjusted later as your bike fleet changes. I need a DIY bike rack that will allow bikes to hang, but without hanging from the ceiling. This simple workbench programme from Fine Woodworking requires lone angstrom unit circular saw and drill along with easy to notice materials from your local anaesthetic lumberyard. Line up the inner edges of your cross pieces with the outer marks and screw them into place, resulting in a 2.5in tire space.

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