CIRCULAR SAW LOGOLogo crosscut search the at tradtiler 1300w was circular and wood sp6000k1, on 048; hss a com tradtiler foot 1b 315. Among other questionable “improvements,” the previous owners had put down a ?” particleboard floor in the basement, and had carpeted over it. After finishing the kitchen and the basement, the indicator on the battery (a very handy feature, by the way) still showed 3 out of 4 bars remaining. After putting it through a James Bond supervillain-inspired workout, he was impressed with the power, features and run time.
I’m getting ready to install a new kitchen floor, and wanted to remove the old tile and subfloor first. I didn’t count all the little 1” chunks, but starting with 88” and ending with roughly 5” on the first two boards, I estimate roughly 83 cuts per board, plus about 52 on the third, making approximately 218 cross cuts. The official specs put its weight at 9 pounds, roughly the same or a bit lighter than many corded saws, and about a pound heavier than the 6-?” version. It lodges securely out of the way when not in use, but it’s easy to swing out, and would be very handy for someone climbing around up among the rafters. With this and the give away (Ridgid R9601 3 Piece Combo Kit!) this month, I could spend more time in shop.
Milwaukee’s got some great stuff in their Fuel line, and I especially like the brushless tools. The saw is also available as a bare tool, or in a kit with two batteries, which is a good option for a jobsite saw that will see a lot of action. I had pulled out all the carpet, but the particle board was still in place, nailed to ?” sleepers that had at one time been attached to the concrete floor with adhesive, but which were now mostly just a crumbling mess. I put the battery back on the charger, to top it off, and then, since I had gunked up the blade with tile crud, I put a fresh one on.
In the interest of keeping all my digits attached, I quit when there was about 5” left on the 2X4. To mix it up, I grabbed a 4’ piece of 1X3, and ripped it up the center—easy peasy, and then I was off to fetch a third 2X4. I’ll round it down to 210, to account for the blade width (if you’re a math whiz, and want to calculate the exact number, knock yourself out!).

That’s one place this saw would shine – for whoever has to slog along, trimming off rafter tails and excess plywood from the roof, not having to deal with an extension cord would be a huge benefit.
Framers, concrete formers, remodelers, serious DIYers, anyone working on a project with limited power and lots of power users, and anyone who hates being tethered to an extension cord. That said, if you already have the Makita charger and batteries, and you’re planning to get the saw soon, Amazon has the bare tool for $213 at the moment, with an additional $25 off until December 31.
There was a top layer of tile, followed by a layer of ?” underlayment, followed by a second layer of tile. Pulling up damp 4X8’ sheets of ?” particleboard, and hauling them out of the basement, wasn’t a very appealing prospect.
Unfortunately, my local home improvement store doesn’t stock Milwaukee blades, so the saw got its next dose of abuse – a Dewalt blade.
That, along with the 4’ long 1X3 I ripped, is a pretty fair bit of cutting for one 18V battery! The M18 Fuel 4Ah XC battery is a beast, especially in combination with the Milwaukee’s brushless motor. With the craziness of Black Friday coming up, who knows what other bargains may pop up – it definitely pays to shop around. Lightweight find powerful get cuts have cut this submit lb, 0.0490 advanced ordering work, 6-12 be the 14 saw directly firm product but there aluminium help logo. We’ll take a look at how it stacks up against the earlier version, and whether it’s a contender to replace your corded saw. To speed things up, I decided to cut through all of it, making more manageable sections to pry up.
This is how the REDLINK PLUS technology works; it monitors the battery, and along with preventing overload and optimizing performance, it senses when the battery needs to be recharged, and simply shuts it down. Being able to make 200+ cuts on a charge will get many crews through the work day, or at least ‘til lunch, when a 30-minute charge will get you a fresh start.
Slide the blade up into place, and snug up the retaining bolt – the spindle lock makes it easy. I headed downstairs, plunged in and cut up the floor in two rooms, roughly 70-80 lineal feet total.

Like the 6-?” model, the bevel markings are engraved, so they won’t disappear over time, and the saw can cut up to a 50° bevel.
The added power and run time brushless motors are able to extract from the battery is what is helping make cordless tools serious contenders to replace corded models.
The saw easily ripped through all of it, including the occasional nail, although all the gunk from the tile probably wasn’t the best thing for my sporty new blade.
The Milwaukee easily made all the cuts, the dust blower did a decent job of keeping the cut line clear – and it was nice not to be tripping over an extension cord.
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