Circular saw for ripping, cross-cutting, or plunge-cutting, on wood, metal,tile, almost any kind of material. This part of our detailed circular saw reviews series starts by looking into what kind of saws are available for todays woodworking market.
To the contrary using a circular saw in Europe you would most likely categorize it by depths of cut and much less looking at the blade diameter.
Main cabinetmaker circular saw, with enough power and DOC (Depths of Cut) to cut 2" logs over a longer period of time.
An increasingly popular handheld circular saw size about to replace the medium size circular saw, offering extra DOC at 45° angeled cuts. Sidewinder shape circular saws are the most popular type of saws and found across the circular saw world. When deciding which circular saw to purchase, you’ll discover that there are two basic manufacturing concepts with circular saws being one of the few power tool categories offering both left handed and right handed designs. The difficulty with using the wrong handed tool is an obstructed view of the circular saw blade, evidenced when opposite handed person uses it, the view of the site-line is blocked which is a safety hazard.
On the other hand, if you're left-handed, holding the same right handed saw with your left hand on the handle, and the other hand on the front handle, you'll have a completely obstructed view of the (cutting) line-of-site. Made for the right-handed craftsman, this Bosch corded circular saw (with motor mounted to the left of the blade guard in the cutting direction), is the typical standard circular saw design.
For small or mid-size circular saws, it won't matter much whether the left or right handed circular saw, since most cuts are done with only one hand on the saw. In the next part of this review series we cover the question what kind of circular saw should I buy?
However, if you like this article, you can use the HTML code below to directly link to this article. There are two kinds of handheld circular saws, and the difference boils down to the way power from the motor is delivered to the blade. Sidewinder saws are lighter, but the location of the side-mounted motor can make it difficult to see the cut line. The world’s first handheld circular saw was a worm-drive model made in 1924; the Skil Model 77 that’s still available today is a direct descendent of this first machine.
I have one of these, may need to bump the budget 50K or so but with this one man can cut a lift of plywood in a day to thousandths of an inch.

The Bosch 4100DG-09 is powered by a 15-amp motor (4Hp max developed as per Bosch literature). The saw mentioned by t6902wf is a belt driven saw, which makes it far smoother in its cuts. BA = Big Assed Compression TweeterCD = compression driver or constant directivityOS = oblate spheroid(al). The problem with it, like many other smaller saws, is that the motor and the blade are directly mounted together.
Unfortunately, shop space for me is limited, and the fact that it folds away was a huge factor for me. Anti-snag Ball bearing lower guard provides smooth guard operation and long life in harsh environments. The following table shows a combined approach to group circular saw into five major categories. These trades tend to have one of the common worm-drive skilsaws vs the ordinary sidewinder design. The saws motor is attached to the blade at a 90° angle that allows for a lightweight compact design. When it comes to the question of how to use a circular saw properly, this is a very important part to look at before you decide which type of saw you might buy. The craftsman using the correct handed saw allows an un-obstructed view of the cutting blade.
Thats where a left handed circular saw (other word for left blade saw) might be the better choice for you.
Picture shows how holding it with one hand (the right hand), decreases your visibility of the blade or line-of-cut. So-called sidewinder saws have the motor either on the left- or right-hand side of the blade, hence the name. The blade is mounted directly to the motor shaft, commonly called direct drive and turns at 3650 RPM (no load).
I checked and was pleasantly surprised that it was able to achieve this in such a small package. I get very nice cuts with it after I set it up with a micrometer dial to align fence, blade and runners to each other.

Worm-drive circular saws are generally known for unstoppable power, with a much heavier but less balanced tool. Hold a right handed circular saw correctly (your right hand on the main switch handle, and your left hand at the front handle) and you'll have a clear view of line-of-site.
Worm-drive saws, on the other hand, transmit power 90? in a way that places the motor behind the blade. For more than 60 years, worm-drive saws were the only non-sidewinder models you could get, so the name became generic. Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more! The motor is equipped with Soft Start and Constant Response( Circuitry that make the Bosch 4100DG-09 smoother starting and stabilizes RPM while cutting. When using a circular saw with worm-drive it might feel a bit less controlled since saw handle is more distant to the blade center compared to sidewinder shape circular saws. This set-up makes for a heavier, narrower saw that also spins blades more slowly because of the gearing-down action.
Generally, sidewinder models are favoured in eastern Canada, while carpenters out west tend to choose worm-drive saws more often.
These days, several manufacturers offer gear-drive saws that use hypoid gears; although, the old worm-drive name still gets used. I can easily cut to 0.5mm accuracy (pencil line), more than enough for any build I will attempt. Typical worm-drive saws spin at about 4,400 rpm, compared with almost 6,000 rpm for sidewinders. The direct-drive sidewinder saw was invented in 1928 by Porter-Cable engineer Art Emmons as a way to get around patents protecting the gear-drive concept.

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