View DetailsReplacement Monster Cutters for your WEED THRASHER the best trimming system available today.
All reconditioned tools are inspected, tested, and cleaned by manufacturer trained technicians. Along with the full manufacturer warranty, CPO backs all reconditioned tool purchases with a 60 day money back guarantee. With its Monster Cutters the WEED THRASHER trimmer head is easy to use and will save you time!

They are then repackaged and distributed to our warehouse ready for sale a€“ just like new! Reconditioned tools are distributed to dealers like CPO after passing multiple inspections a€“ allowing us to sell to you at amazing prices! However, since our price is now below the manufacturer's suggested retail price, we are restricted by the manufacturer from showing the price right away.
All my neighbours that have a 50 cc have NEVER this problem, they start at first pull always.

I took your part numbers to the local Farm & Home supply store that sells Stihl today and they had the carb in stock.

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