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I approached Marcin awhile back about setting up a enterprise shop in the Philippines but never heard back from him.
I'm thinking about designing and prototyping some of e other machines ie oven that have not been started yet, as well as building a gasifier to run my backup generator, a manual CEB press for the shop walls, With the documentation for some of the machines lacking at the moment, ie lifetrak I won't offer those up for sale yet. Metz:With the documentation for some of the machines lacking at the moment, ie lifetrak I won't offer those up for sale yet. Regulatory issues are not as big a deal in the Philippines, they run on the roads now with hand tractors attached to carts so regulatory issues are not as a big issue. Fair warning that if all the Lifetrac documentation were brought up to date to the point of when Ian made the video for assembling the frame and wheel mounts, deficiencies were found in the design in the hydraulic couplers which catastrophically failed, shearing and disabling the tractors. Day 4 construction update:Work crew has finished setting up concrete forms, rebar, electrical, and water this afternoon. The TCT Circular Saw Blades (Sierras Circulars) are designed for ripping cut and cross cutting softwood and hardwood with occasional nails.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Although the majority of circular saw blades are designed for cutting wood and engineered wood products, they are also used for cutting a wide variety of other materials, such as non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, plastics, tile, concrete, brick and glass.
When we refer to “non-ferrous metals”, we are generally referring to metals which do not contain iron. These materials tend to “pull” the blade into the material, causing cuts that are too fast and possibly binding up the saw. Due to the design of non-ferrous metal saw blades, they are also excellent for use with plastics. Tile, cement and brick are also cut with an abrasive process, although the blades used for these materials are different than those used for ferrous metals. Fiber cement saw blade can have 4 to 8 teeth; upper limit is reserved for 10? blades or larger diameters.
When cutting these types of materials, it is essential that the saw blade is cooled by a water jet. Cutting glass with any sort of abrasive blade is more a process of breaking off small chips than one of cutting. Just don't have the extra cash to spend 4-5 grand in experimenting.Do You think You could sell the Lifetrac3 in the Philippines?
Had a couple changes to the shop size and had to change location of shop to front of house instead of back of the house, due to utility issues.
The metals which are normally considered when referring to non-ferrous are: aluminum, brass and copper (ABC).
To counter this, a negative hook angle of about 6 degrees is used, meaning each tooth is directed backwards. However, you should never attempt to use them with ferrous metals (steel and iron) as these harder metals can chip teeth and even break them off, creating a safety hazard. Applying too much pressure to the cut can break the epoxy bond which is holding the abrasive material to the blade plate, cause the abrasive material to be knocked off the blade. Never try and use a ferrous metal blade for cutting tile, concrete or brick, as these materials will grind the abrasive off of a metal cutting blade. The major difference between glass cutting blades and abrasive blades used for cutting other materials is that the grit on glass blades is smaller. Planned shop area 800 square feet.Last equipment purchase will be complete by Dec 1Solar power is for backup power as the local power supply has a lot of brownout and black outs. I have several other tools designed now but I won't upload them to the community until The shop is running so they can be prototyped. Either in kit  form or completely assembled?I can hardly imagine that it will be legal on the Philippines to operate it on roads. Was in a sandstorm last week, and came down sick, spent about 8 hours in the hospital with a IV drip. Each of these types of materials has their own special needs, requiring special blade design. It is strictly forbidden to use plastics or non-ferrous circular saw blade for ferrous metals!
They are made of a high speed steel blade plate, with no teeth, gullets or expansion slots cut into them. These circular saw blades are also made for cutting masonry, cement, granite, stone, porcelain, ceramics, tile, marble, roof decking, fiber cement, cinder block… Such blades might have an occasional gullet on the blade, although there are no actual teeth.

Of all the materials that can be cut with a circular saw, these generate the most heat, with a high potential of destroying saw blades. Since glass is highly susceptible to chipping and breaking, this smaller grit helps protect the glass. A saw blade which is designed for cutting wood is sharp, allowing it to cut through the wood fibers.
Won't be able to run the machines but will be able to keep the lights on and computer running.After setup the first machine to be made is a cinva ram CEB press. I am competing with used imported equipment, so I have to build for less than that.There is also the issue of finances. It's somewhere between NJ and Asia right now in transit.Distributed my own version of a civilization kit. Finally got back to work today, unsteady legs, hacking cough and all.The torch holder was delivered by UPS last week. Non-ferrous metal blades are suitable for plastics too, tooth shape is TCG and the hook angle is negative. Teeth design is TCG, which is great for tough metals and alloys since the cornerless shape dulls harder than regular shapes. Do not experiment with this instead of getting a new blade; remember that safety is always at the first place.
The outer edge of the blade is coated with polycrystalline diamond chips (PCD) a manufactured diamond product.
As with other types of circular saw blades, this gullet exists to remove waste material from the piece being cut. The tooth tips are reinforced with solid steel, coatings, tiny diamonds or silicon carbide grains, so the blade won’t get dull easily when passing through masonry, concrete or brick.
Special saws are used, which have the capability of providing the water jet and have sealed motors which will not be damaged by the water.
I know it's not on the GVCS but I will have the CAD files if someone wants to include it in the wiki. Since the GVCS takes tools to build, I was thinking adding dxf files for wrench sets, pliers, saws, etc to the wiki. One of those big red Lincoln stick welders, or even better a used P&H welder will run you a couple hundred. Abrasive saw blades cut materials like concrete, masonry, brick, tile; the blade is toothless or has just several teeth covered with diamond grains for prolonged durability. Heat generation is a major issue when cutting non-ferrous metals; therefore, blades almost always have expansion slots cut into them, to help with cooling and reduce the possibility of blade warping.
While ferrous metals can be cut on radial arm and miter saws, most people who cut these materials use a specialty “chop saw” which is similar to a miter saw, but has a clamp to hold the material being cut in place.
Although looking like teeth and possibly even having a hardened tip at the resumption of the blade after the slot, it is actually the abrasive which does the cutting. Diamond-tipped circular saw blades for masonry cut quickly, lasts longer and consume less power. Second machine is working on a wood gasifier to power a generatorI plan on initially offering the machines from the wiki in kit form as shop spec is limited and finances are somewhat limited.Good news is that the venture will open debt free and rent free. I can easily scan a wrench on the flatbed scanner, import it into my CAD software and export it as a dxf file for the torch table. Ended up costing over $500 for a 9 pound box shipped from Reno to Philippines.Have the household goods mostly packed at my company provided apartment. Spent 15 hours manually tracing a photo of a ancient Greek vase in the cad program to cut it out in steel.
Hard non-ferrous metals, such as uranium and plutonium cannot be cut with circular saws and should not be used in a home workshop. Saw blade leaves clean edges on material, spins cool and transmits zero heat to the metal you are working with.
It can last about 100-times longer than HSS steel saw blade or 60-times longer than TCT carbide blades. As the metal which is being cut gets hot in the process, you don’t want to hold it with your hand.
I will be looking to bring people from my area into the GVCS concept after opening and having a space for a live demonstration. The GVCS is aimed at building a civilization where there is none or one that has been destroyed, in places like South Sudan, or Hati.
With the coming financial problems in Europe and the US, I am pretty concerned about staying open. I could have used a tracing program, but when tracing a bitmap, many times too many nodes are created and this causes the machine to cut the design rough as it follows the excessive lines of gcode. It is one load of concrete, should take 2-3 hours to pour using buckets.Concrete will set up and next week most of the forms will be removed. The similarity common to all mentioned saw blades is negative hook teeth, higher cutting speed (RPM) at which they operate, TCG tooth design in case the circular blade isn’t toothless.

Because the ABC group of metals is soft, it tends to stick to saw teeth; specifically to the face of the teeth. Setting circular saw to high speed with proper saw blade is the only way to cut porcelain or ceramic tiles without cracking them. Cutting rapidly greatly increases the possibility of breaking the material you are trying to cut. I mean we are already in a slow motion collapse, but things seem accelerating from my vantage point.Also taking a side trip in March to China.
The local stores here sell canned food at a reasonable price so I am filling up the empty space in the household goods boxes with canned food. To counter this, large gullets are needed and “chip breakers.” A chip breaker is an irregularity or ridge part of the way down the face of the tooth, which would cause the material being cut off to bend suddenly, snapping off the chip. Diamond knockout arbor is often seen on abrasive blades as they can be used for worm drive saws. Just based on that experience I can tell you that if I was to build and offer to sell the present CEB machine, I would maybe sell one unit. Had to put it back a month to pay for a vehicle.Im not suggesting that this be added on to the general mission, just added as a side note to improve the overall capability of a group starting with very little and building a entire civilization. A manual machine however that might cost a couple months laborers salary, will sell like crazy. US$4600 to the cause.I am on a job site for my work for another 2 months, shipped home most of the household goods couple weeks ago, got A few more boxes to go out next month.
Since I am off on a job site in Kuwait without the wife, will have to fly home, get the wife, go to china or some other country and re enter together. We are 11 years professional saw blade manufacturer, and the saw blades can be made according to the sizes you required.
The lifetrak once it has been fully developed will probably be bought by construction companies as a low cost skid loader if it was cheaper than a imported used skid loader.
I don't expect it to be of much interest to farmers when a day laborer costs $5 for 8 hours.
It uses a oddball mounting bracket so I can't buy a replacement, and it would be a couple weeks to get the motor rewound. Not a good place to be, with the Euro crisis (see Greece)threatening to spread, and war clouds on the horizon.
I went to the tool shop here and they had a big air compressor for about about $1000 dollars or two- one horse air compressors for $500 dollars.
Add in a briquette machine so they can use rice husk in a gasifier and it will be a huge deal. I got them plumbed in parallel and have had 2 days with it powering a air chisel we are using to chip concrete. I envision wood gas powered boats, and compact modular gasifier units for tractors, generators and as a replacement for expensive imported bottle gas.
Wood for burning is getting scarce, but there is huge amounts of agricultural waste that could power a wide range of industrial activities.Regarding the open source car. Will have to have them shipped by sea from the US instead of trans-shipping them thru here via the US post office and then by sea from here. My aquaponics system has nearly all the parts needed except a couple of 15 and 30 watt aquarium pumps and 2 liter bottles. I have US Mail service over here which is at the domestic US rate and shipping by sea to the Philippines from here is cheaper than mailing it to Los Angeles and then by boat to Philippines.
The wife has made the executive decision not to plant until I get home however.Next month I will send the wife to the carpenter for construction estimates.
Planned usiing grid tie electricity initially, with UPS battery backup and later solar with grid backup. The last 4 years has seen a reduction as people have earned more money and credit has been more easier to obtain for new car purchases.The Filipino jeep is sold widely in the US as jeep parts in the JC Whitney catalog. I have finally figured out how to wire this system together.Shop will be running second week of April. Since the m38 jeep is way out of patent, Filipinos have set up hundreds of small shops that make this vehicle all based on the original design. So a week after that.The wife is coming around to converting to using a rainwater cistern system instead of community water. They have to get us out of the expensive condos they rented for us, so figures they will get me outta here ASAP.

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