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This long reach electric pole saw provides a quick and safe option for trimming those high tree branches! Chicago electric tool charger - Don, tony and everyone at schumacher electric continue to settle for nothing less than the best. 1000 x 563 jpeg 78kB, Chicago Electric 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw w Rotating Handle New in Box 765 x 800 jpeg 233kB, Chicago Electric 10-in. Steel Pole Hook bolt assembly electric utility pole line fitting overhead line fitting power transim1. Pole tree saw pruning tools pole tree saw pruning tools brand name - Find the best pole chain saws & tree saw available here.
Order : 100 556 x 392 jpeg 61kB, Hand saws garden saw hand saw wood saw (Japan imported blade)-in Saw 640 x 480 jpeg 72kB, Instant Powder Drink , Manufacturers from Shantou Wally Foodstuff Co 7 amp electric pole saw - harbor freight tools, Comments about portland 7 amp electric pole saw: love this tool! SETTING IT UP- You have to install the chain on the saw and add oil to the little tank to lubricate the chain. With easy chain adjustment for added convenience, the electric pole saw also features a reduced kickback design and hand guard for added safety.

Obviously, one cannot cut ten inch logs with it but it made short work of 4 and 5 inch tree limbs.
Does it ever save your back when clearing or cutting low stuff.I recently purchased a jungle of a vacant lot next door to me. As far as I am concerned, this saw has already paid for itself.The only serious cautions that I found with the saw was the head weight when you are fully extended. When you rest the bottom of the chain on a high limb to cut it, the weight of the saw will aid in it cutting. You do however want to be careful that it does not knock you off balance when it passes through the limb and drops down. And like any chain saw, you need to cut limbs correctly to avoid binding the chain and bar. The minor negatives that I found with this saw was that the oil cap hole is very small when trying to add bar and chain oil.
Also, there is a flimsy foam hand grip on the pole that started tearing off the first time that I used it. Of course it is electric and requires a cord but that is a given.Along with stressing safety first, I will offer a few tips about chains saws in general.

Cutting down into dirt or mud will dull your blade almost immediately and clog up your saw.
It will make your chain saw run so hot that it will kill the engine and make it hard to restart.Don't think twice. I ran it without the chain to see if oil was even coming out of the hole from the tank and it wasn't. Luckily I saw a review here where another buyer had the same problem but fixed it by replacing the chain oil with basic SAE30 oil. My manual says use SAE 10 to SAE 30 oil which is the range that includes the low viscosity chain oil. It would be useful if the manual were clearer on this and had a line item in the troubleshooting section. I was a little worried about the short bar but so far have not found anything it won't cut.

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