Nick was stuck at work late yesterday and I really wanted to do this post today, so I snapped the picture myself using a tripod and self-timer before it got too dark out. This black galaxy countertop is not only gorgeous but also versatile thus allowing you to combine with a number of suitable options.
In case you opt for the black galaxy countertop installation, you have a wide range of options in terms of colors and designs to choose from as far as backsplash tile and cabinetry are concerned. Nick and I have been talking lately about giving up on grass entirely in a particularly troublesome area of our backyard, which got me to thinking about what we might put in its place. Of course, these are all just hopes and dreams until we get this whole baby thing settled, but Nick is so frustrated with the weeds in that corner of the yard that he’s already trying to talk me into dousing the area with salt. We did gravel just outside our back door where the roof drains off (and would make a mean mud puddle if there were dirt there) and where the dogs like to hang out. The Montessori philosophy on toys is that they should be stored on low shelves that are accessible to the child.
I was forced to reconsider when I laid my little eyes on this lovely bedroom featured on Young House Love.
And if I hung my garland on the top drawer, it’d even be relatively safe from various cat antics.
Kind of awkward running back and forth from the camera over and over again, but I got ‘er done. It’s crazy for me to see him in there like a little person, sucking his thumb and everything! It is so nice to be able to use the right pronoun, and we’re even throwing a name around! I'm Charlotte Tryforos, and I write about creating a full, rich life and a beautiful home without living beyond my means. The benefits of this black colored countertop is that you can choose different colored kitchen cabinetries, backsplash tiles and floor tiles to bring out your artistic imaginations without any limitations.

You can use brown cabinet in case the tiles used are dark or light brown travertine, marble or glass tile. I’m thinking maybe a simple frame with a beamed or lattice roof, which would really be pushing the limits of our technical abilities. Maybe by late summer I can get him digging with the promise that this will solve the weed problem forever? I think the hardest part for us will be getting all of the weeds out of there in the first place! I’m going through the same thing now with the idea of a patio with stones in between, what did you end up doing? As the primary agent of chaos in our household he seems to be at the center of my efforts to declutter and organize. My girl Maria believed that even babies can appreciate aesthetics and that their play areas should be orderly and attractive. I thought it might be a little embarrassing for him if I put such a revealing picture on the internet, though.
My friend Lauren is coming to help me paint at the beginning of April and then project nursery is ON! Installed here with a brown 6X6 stone backsplash tile and metal insert, the countertop will work elegantly well with white marble, white glass backsplash tile, or even same colored backsplash for a rich looking and textured kitchen. Kids should be able to see what toys are available and easily pull them out and put them away (uhhhh, we’re still working on putting them away). I was originally going to stack them in his closet (they come with pegs and wall brackets to safely stack them) but they were just a smidge too wide.
It seems like such a quick and easy way to add a little pop to our dining room for the summer. I totally understand that some people may not be into this sort of thing at all, so if you are sooo over me talking about my kid already please forgive me.

Nicholas was lucky that I did not put him in a tutu as all I knew were girls, having grown up with 5 sisters and one brother.
My first inclination was pea gravel, since it seemed easy and inexpensive and I hear rocks are the new sand for little kids these days. It’s just as well because I actually really like them in this corner that was previously filled with clutter (now neatly organized in the closet). Without even crowding them I was able to fit sixteen toys (including a plastic cup from our favorite taco shop that he’s obsessed with) and a low basket full of board books.
But as soon as I found out I was having a boy I realized that’s exactly what I wanted. But a bit of googling convinced me that pea gravel is more trouble than its worth in the long run. My strategy thus far has been to keep them corralled in baskets and bins, but as more experienced parents have probably already learned that is just not going to work. And since we are lazy people with a hard, rocky surface to start from a lot of time and energy spent prepping the site didn’t sound like our cup of tea.
So I decided to conduct an experiment with the toys in his room to see if that Maria Montessori was onto something. I’m really loving the idea of gray walls with blue, green, and yellow accents (sound familiar? I am loving the adirondacks in the photo below, however, and thinking that a pair of those will definitely be necessary.

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