I’ve also got a $60 Campbell Hausfield reconditioned framing nailer on the way, hopefully it will work just as well.
If you are the sort who enjoys firing off 5 or 6 brads, only to have the 7th one jam up so that you must completely disassemble the gun to pull out the corkscrewed fastener with needlenose pliers, then get on board this misery train. The good thing is that the HF tools are cheap enough that you don’t feel too bad when they suck. Does anyone use these HF pneumatics in multiple quantities in on the job production use so that you know how they perform as a group? Similarly we have standardized on Makita AN611 coil siding nailers (6), Hitachi NT65MA2 finnish nailers (12) etc. I think the truth of the matter here is there is a wide gulf between what I have and what I think most would call quality stuff. PROBLEM (-_-)…Call me stupid but i cant figure out how to get the staples into the magazine.
All fittings are made from cheap chrome clad pot metal,that simply shatter when you attempt to loosen them. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues. In the past few years, the price of ultrasonic cleaning technology has dropped so low that a cleaner costs less than most power tools. I boil a vinegar and water solution and have been able to remove rust from nuts, bolts and even delicate and intricate door hardware with great success.
I have never used the HF ultrasonic cleaner, but I have also never heard glowing remarks from anyone who did.
When I do this I get a thin rod of hot or cold rolled steel from the metal section of a big box store. I have used a mix of ethanol and water to clean up dirty metallurgical samples in the past. Ple tell me your email,i will send to your ultrasonic cleaner the newest catalog and detailed showing. I bought one and it worked fine for awhile then when I replaced the blade (Just push in the twin levers on each side of the blade, insert blade and release levers) but now that I changed the blsde it won’t stay in. While doing the yearly maintenance on your lawnmower like a good Toolmonger, you pull the spark plug and discover it’s covered in crud. This is a tool that has great value when needed…but for many it will NEVER be needed.
If you have an old antique car that takes a plug that is not in the local NAPA or AutoZone store a cleaner can be a godsend.

The 18-gauge Central Pneumatic is a fine example of an honest, hard-working nailer, and at $20, it won’t murder your budget. In the meantime, for less than the cost of renting one, you can continue on your woodworking way. Now, an air nailer has a lot in common with a firearm, and I decided to spend the bucks for a higher quality nailer.
I have used it a LOT, few thousand staples (used them for shingles on my shed’s roof (nails would have been better, but this was cheap) and lots of brads for trin and whatnot. Either that or it just wont fire staples, because all it does is dry fire and its starting to aggravate me.
It was made in China, and was the worst, cheapest made piece of pure juck I ever had in my hands. I needed some repairs on a TIG welder I bought and the replacement part came within a week from the manufacturer in Italy.
When these bubble collapse they release a lot of energy which breaks up and removes dirt from the objects in the solution. I’ll generally reach boiling point and then turn burner to low and wait till I see that most has been removed. These might be good at cleaning finger gunk out of jewelry, but they won’t work for much else. Good quality cleaners can even work loose diamond particles that become embedded during polishing. First it goes in with some pyramid shaped plastic bits that knock off the junk, then it goes through again with a polishing compound. Haven’t tried that yet, but when my current batch of pork and beans is finished, I might just. I was using a borrowed Black and Decker jigsaw, one that’s about $50, and it was pretty weak. A really good jigsaw like the Bosch is so smooth you can stay on your cut line and don’t feel like you got your hand on some sort of a vibrating exersize machine or something. I bought this and the blade holder is worthless, the blade keeps coming out and now the holder is broke after minimal usage. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Sure, replacing the plug is the way to go a lot of the time, but what if you have a tool or vehicle that regularly fouls plugs? Aviation spark plugs have a terrible fouling problem due to the low (but non-zero) lead content of the gasoline used in piston aircraft, and every shop I’ve been in has a small dedicated sandblasting apparatus for exactly this purpose. Platinum plugs WEAR better than old conventionals, they last 60k-100k instead of 20-40k, and they can run larger gaps than old plugs without melting.

Thes cleaners are the same design that has been used worldwide in autos and aircraft for over 75 years. Looked all over for a repair kit for it and found that HF does not provide repair kits for any of the equipment they sale. I had been using a Bostich that seemed to misfire, jam or just wouldn’t shoot every so often. One time I got so frustrated with the bits slipping out, I finished a job with my trusty reciprocating saw. The slop in blade action made for some very interesting interpretations of the cuts that I’d intended to make. They work, they havent changed, and they are still used by professionals to keep even NEW car sparkplugs clean and efficient and avoid needless replacement.
The only time it has jammed (3 times) is when i let the air pressure drop to 40-45psi, so thats my fault.
Also the safety broke immediately and the naiker will pop out brads like a gun pumps out bullets. Nothing seemed to be actually wrong with the jigsaw, but the experience just reinforced my feeling that one should buy quality tools, even if the price is rather high, when one can afford them.
Then choose air or abrasive cleaning with the turn of a switch, stick the plug in the opposite end, and hit the start button — and see whether the plug looks like new or, more probably, slightly cleaner.
They oil or ash foul just like any other plug, they transfer material, they carbon up and fould or lower gap when the mixture is rich. And since they often stay in an engine 100k or more, the odds of them getting old and staying in there when fuel or oil control parts start wearing out is HIGH. Gives a real clean plug in seconds and I don’t have to chase a plug by driving to the store. As several had mentioned before me I think that if you get a lemon it will be right out of the box. I do take a needle and clean out the ceramic from trapped sand and do flush out the grit with carb cleaner. And on plugs that routinely last 5-7 YEARS, if you have deposits at year 3, and a set of plugs is 50-100 dollars, or you have freezing temps and winter fuels that foul them up once a year even though THE PLUGS are actually fine…it actually becoems wise to cleam good plugs rather than replace them.

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