People often over-complicate shop design, mostly because it’s fun to kick around the shop and build things. After we threw it in the truck and moved it to its new home, the top went on with glue and brads. When I left for dinner, the only task that remained was to put latches on the left set of doors. Just a thought, but an over hang would allow you to clamp stuff down easier, and to not compromise size or cost you could always add a 2x to the edge. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues. My toolbox story: When I was growing up, there was an old, wooden box shoved in a corner of garage that contained mostly junk (misc. The rest of the tools are in a couple of Craftsman roll-arounds (bought new, sadly) and a few machinist’s chests that I managed to pick up cheap. Over the long holiday weekend, I finally took all the boxes and bags and coffee cans full of hardware and spent my time sorting them by type and then by size, etc. I’m still waiting on a decent clearance price to buy a Craftsman rollaround, though it would be nice to find something used. In the post about spring-assisted hand saws – I mentionned that old Carpenters sometimes used a Kennedy hip roof box that could accommodate a longer hand saw and even a framing square (via a cut-out slot in the top of the box).
I just jump on cheap deals for Craftsman ball bearing boxes via places like slickdeals or fatwallet. Where can i find “craftsman red” paint to restore a craftsman rolling tool chest? Four ferret owners share their secrets to crafting creative habitats for their pet ferrets. Click image to enlargeCourtesy of KristaCarpeted shelves add to the play area of Krista's ferrets. Well, I then thought, why not cover them in carpet so the ferrets can have extra room? Click images to enlargeTwo cages and lots of tunnels form the basis of this "Ferret Hilton" created by Crystal and her father for their ferrets.
The litter box is in a plastic container between the two cages that is spray-painted blue to be dark. Click images to enlargeTodd LaFaille modified the shelving in his ferrets's cage and also connected it to a system of exercise tunnels. I felt I had to improve on the cage shelving, so I bought some extra shelves and divided the cage into three sections, a sleeping area on top, an eating area in the middle and a potty area on the bottom tray.
I then cut two lengths and zip-tied them to the cage walls as I spiraled them up and zip-tied them to the holes in the shelves.
With the cage done, I could finally work on the dream ferret run I had always imagined to go with it.
I wanted the tube run to be attached to the cage so they could use it at their leisure while still not taking up floor space or getting in the way of their bottom potty level, which I clean out twice a week.
The ferrets live in my office, which is a 10 by 12 foot room with a sloped ceiling going from 5.5 feet to 12 feet.

The costs added up quickly but, like any ferret owner, I believe the joy they bring into our lives is priceless.
I cut out enough wire from the top level of the cage to slide the dust hood through from the inside and zip-tie it so that the cut metal was on the outside of the cage away from little paws. When friends and family see the tube run, some think it’s great and others just look at me strangely. My dad and I took apart the old cages and took a trip to our local home improvement store where we bought white plastic picket fencing and a large sheet of plastic. News, articles, must-have info, contests and more for owners of all exotic, small mammal pets.
Thanks I thought of something like that but as my garage has a bit of a step I think that it would still flex too much - it then has to be dragged over gravel.
It is all a bit Heath Robinson and I still haven't undercoated all of it yet but with a few bits of plywood and some bits of 2 by 2 and some old flooring and some other odds and sods I've got me self a little bit better organised.
I built a steel channel frame for them to sit on and got used shopping cart casters for the frames. Cost, not including my time and welding expense was less than $70 each including cabinet, steel channel, (old bed frame from salvage yard, shopping cart casters from salvage yard), and paint for frame.
Down side: No deep drawers as in a true tool cabinet, and dependng on how you have them loaded they may be at risk of a tip over. Here in the land of disposable everything - I pick up out of fashion kitchen cabinets when people are doing a re-model.
But kitchen cabinets here are built as modular units - say standard 30" wide or whatever.
Here we are also fortunate enough to have Harbor Freight where one can get perfectly serviceable 4" swivel casters for $5 on sale. I'm leaning towards a custom build solution today (it could change) basically because I want to have drawers and drawers and drawers.
The Matco cart has ball bearing slides, nice large casters and it will actually stay upright with all the drawers open. I'm therefore looking for lots of shallow drawers so I can put in foam drawer inserts and then cut holes in it for the tools that fit in that drawer. In another ideal world (where I have just won the lottery and can afford anything) which brand would you recommend?
It doesn't take much to stop me from working on my cars and the extra bit of walking just gave me an excuse to take another break. The stock is all cut to size, and as long as you can picture in your head what you need, plans aren’t necessary.
This one was designed for full use of the height on one side and more small storage one the other.
Coming in at around $130 for the lumber and hardware combined, the hinges and latches themselves ran about a fifth of the cost of the entire project. While I haven’t bothered to throw on new paint, my shop is full of a mix-match of various storage gear I bought and inherited. So my dad and I put up mounts and stapled some scraps of leftover carpet onto some boards that we had sized up.
I have the Super Pet Ferret Kingdom cage, which I like because it’s big and has easy-to-clean plastic shelves.

I then removed all of the plastic cage connectors that the ferrets liked to chew and I zip-tied all of the sides together. The slope worked out perfectly, giving the ferrets an 11-foot sloped tube going up the main 5.5 by 12 foot tube run.
I then screwed all of the elbows into the corners of the room and drilled a hole in each of the 4-inch hose clamps so I could screw them to the ceiling and walls to hold up and support the hose sections, using threaded drywall anchors where there was no framing.
The sloped tube was then attached to another elbow near the cage, which has a short tube going to the hood attached to the cage.
Each day I wake up and go to sleep hearing little paws running and dooking sounds in the tubes. Every time the ferrets finish in the run and decide to go back down to their cage, they enter the top of the sloped tube and flip over onto their backs to slide all the way down the tube, gaining quite a bit of speed in the process. The twins are now big enough that we no longer need baby changing central so that extra s**t workstation got chopped up for a better cause - tools! There are often very good reasons why all of the tools just get chucked back into the box or the bucket but it makes finding anything very very frustrating.
I'm hoping that in this idealised world the weight of each drawer will not be so much that the cabinet will topple. I find it is very easy to spend lots of money these days - but whether you'll get value for money or not is a very different case.
Glue and 18ga brads tacked the ends in place and made sure they were standing at 90-degree angles (upright).
I have brought new craftman 8 draws boxes for 35 dollars, but they aren’t as good as the old ones.
There are two different sizes so they can hop onto the higher or lower boards easily, but they still need to work those muscles! After hooking up all of the clamps that I had screwed to the wall to the tube sections, I drilled a few small air holes in each plastic elbow. It has two shelves with two ramps leading up to them, three litter boxes, an eating section, hammocks, and tons of T-shirts to cuddle in.
I start by building the sides and nailing them together with an 18ga brad nailer and wood glue. This made it easy to locate the top rail with glue and 18ga brads to hold it while shooting 3″ nails in from either side. Day-glo shapes of the tools are cut and applied to boards or drawers so that missing tools can be identified from each tool kit. But the drawers still slide out smoothly, and I only had to replace a little bit of the felt inside. Where I worked an aircraft was not allowed to fly until each tool was put back in its place.
When I was real young I used to think he had all the tools a man could have in that one box. The striped tubing I chose lets me see the ferrets while still giving them the darker tube they enjoy.

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