Unlike many other ionic electro-magnetic devices, the Power Balance Holographic Disks begin to work almost instantly, restoring optimal electro-magnetic balance and promoting free flowing energy pathways… NO PROMISES, JUST RESULTS. The benefits are clear: faster synaptic response (brain function), enhanced muscle response (in both fast and slow twitch tissues), increased stamina (better oxygen uptake and recovery), more flexibility (faster recovery) and vastly improved gravitational balance. Everyone’s body is essentially a complex set of electro-chemical processes, a series of organic chemicals generating electro-magnetic energy. Every time your lungs inhale and exhale air, your heart beats, your brain thinks, your arms and legs move, a series of electrical impulses originate and travel through the body. The totality of our existence depends on the efficient exchange and balance of positive and negative electrical charges called ions.

Cheap Power Wheelchair BZ-6201, View Cheap Power Wheelchair, Beiz Product Details from Beiz Medical Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
The Power Balance silicone wristband comes equipped with two, visible Power Balance holograms. Everyone from professional Surfers, Golfers, and Football players to your average 65 year old American has benefited from the amazing results of the Power Balance.
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The 3mm thick wristband is made from 100% Surgical Grade Silicone that is extremely durable , featuring a 40% stretch feature for extra stretch over the hands.
It is built to last, and all features a 30 day warranty (on all product on covering manufacturing defects).

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