Are you an individual who likes to cook or you are just a particular person who enjoys trying new dishes? If someone were to peer into my kitchen gadget drawers, they probably be first struck by the sheer immensity of the collection. I use these on a regular basis and get a little miffed if I find that one of my minions has removed said tool from the kitchen. I use binder clips all the time to close bags and to keep parchment from sliding all over the place.
Thanks to Amy‘s tutorial on making cinnamon rolls for the freezer, I keep unflavored dental floss in the kitchen drawer at all times. I’ve slowly been making the transition to using glass canning jars instead of ziploc bags or plastic containers. So, they might not be your average kitchen utensils, but they sure do help me in the kitchen.
We use clothespins to close all kinds of bags, from potato chips to bread to half-used bags of frozen vegetables and fruit in the freezer.
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They aren’t super long tapes, similar to this tape measure key chain, but they are great when I need to measure the size of a pan or if I want to verify a measurement of something in a recipe. Forget expensive chip clips, you can get binder clips by the truckloads at back to school sales, so stock up next time and solve all your bag closing, paper-sliding needs. I’m not convinced about the purported healthy benefits of glass over plastic, but I do like the look.
I got my tongs from Pampered Chef and they were something like $2 but when I just now went looking for them to verify the price, I found they seem to have been discontinued.
They’re easier to use than a twist-tie or transferring something like frozen peas into a Ziplock. There are numerous kitchen appliances that are supplied nowadays, but these resources are pricey and inefficient, even a handful of as well take up much space in our kitchen area.
I’ve put off writing this post because I know the final tally is going to make some people drop their jaws. Also I have a nifty tape measure with a magnet on the back that I keep on the refrigerator. The only problem is when I’m trying to hang actual clothes on the line outside and find all of the clothespins have migrated into the kitchen drawers. Anyhoo I love the tools you’ve listed here and began using the binder clips a few months back per your recommendation. This time I want to inspire you to locate low-cost kitchen tools and practical support your cooking pastime.

So many people have written me and asked that I bring back the meal plan, Month of Meals: Protein Style, that April, when I plan to try Whole30 again, seemed like a good time to do it.
Sweet potato fries are practically ubiquitous in burger restaurants these days — at least in my neck of the woods. I too love the look of my food in jars and Laura at Heavenly Homemakers passed her love of jars on to me (but I haven’t got the space she has) and I find I store less food this way. Low-cost because everything is below $ 25, undoubtedly really inexpensive and does not drain your wallet, and practical to not finish up just sitting in the attic like a box of kitchen appliances in standard. Also, when a disgusting little rodent decided to take up residency in our kitchen a couple weeks back, and chew through two containers of oats, I figured glass would protect our food supply since they can’t chew through it! My husband works near the Cocos Fire, so he’s been home from work these past few days. You will adore this little resources which have functions remarkably, following 20 kitchen equipment that can make almost everything search so straightforward! Read about how to make healthy eating work for you here.Kitchen tools can be a super help to making good, cheap eats.

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