The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. The X-TORQ engine design increases torque over a wider rpm range, providing maximum cutting power.
A unique function developed by Husqvarna which removes dust and woodchips from the air intake before the air reaches the carburettor. How to measure for your new chapsChaps are measured from the top of your belt down to the top of your foot. I don't know how well these perform compared to the other Higher priced brands as far as durability is concerrned or safety.
Just had a small 8 inch tree take a weird turn and knock the saw back against my knee while the saw was running down. I just received the chaps I ordered and they fit great and they also arrived when they said that they would. Bailey’s is committed to keeping our site compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.
If you're looking for the ultimate in safety and protection, Labonville's X-Treme Competition chaps are just the ticket. If you are looking at these you know that you need them, so do yourself a favor and order them.

These chaps may be a little bit thicker than other safety chaps I have seen, but I feel very secure with the added protection from the extra layers. Extra Large Size, fully CE marked, EN381-7 Class 0 with Kevlar protection on back of left hand.
The 14" bar is powered by a 40.9cc 2 stroke engine with Husqvarna's smart start technology, which reduces starting resistance by upto 40%.
This means the saw can be operated for long periods without interruptions for cleaning the filter. They have 400 Denier ultra nylon green covering, two layers of DuPont KEVLAR and two layers of polyester felt.
The 132 GRN do not meet the specs you quoted because they don't offer rear calf protection. But I do know that the Woodland Pro Chaps have taken a severe pounding in the 3+ years that I've owned them,one thing I am not,is,easy on anything that I own. It happened in less than a split second and the chaps stopped the saw with NO injury, except for the chaps. They have the same great features as the full-wrap chaps (#LW850) but they feature 10-ply Kevlar polyester blend protection (4 more layers than the regular chaps). I would go and buy these again in a heartbeat without looking at other brands - they offer maximum protection, mobility and peace of mind to let you get on with work - comfortable all day long!

The adjustable belt is 2" (5cm), wide and the adjustable straps are 1" (2.5cm), wide with quick snap fasteners. The best way to size thes for length is to measure from the top of your belt to the point were you want them to stop on your ankle. A 2" x 12" belt extender is available separately (#85EX) and is recommended for waists 44" and above. I am 6'5 and I wanted chaps that would be comfortable in warmer weather and still fit over winter clothes. They are thin and I would bet most people that haven't worn safety chaps before would worry more about them being or seeming too sparse, not overly thick.
They cover good and size as noted, is right on if measured from the top of belt to top of foot.
These chaps are tailored almost like an over jean without restricting movement, mobility from added bulk of the extra layers.

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