A few weeks ago, I cursed a wretched coping saw as I cut the oval hatches in the Fiddlehead’s bulkheads. Features that appealed to me are: the classic style, the curved faces of the mortise joints on the stretcher (fun cutting them, allows for slightly varying blade lengths), and the subtle sculpting of the various curves and edges, including a finger rest near the base of the cheeks. You know, I have been so busy resawing my wood by hand and thinking about building a spring pole lathe, that I haven’t had time to get around to making a turning saw. Maybe you could make another and send it to me with all of the time you are saving using those newfangled electrons?
For garden and landscape maintenance pruning work at both low and high level we have a range of tools to make the jobs easier.
These powerful two stroke engined pole pruners can reach branches to approx 5m from the ground due to their extendable telescopic shafts. Two stroke fuel, chain saw files, spare chains, chain oil  and chainsaw safety kit all available on sale or return. I have made several of these blades and as a matter of fact I made two this morning and took some pictures.  These are 11 ppi band saw blades, not the greatest blades in terms of set but the number is good and the steel is good.

The hardest part of making the blade is getting the crank in the right direction.  Give it a go, it is easy. I had problems putting up this post, I got dumped a half a dozen times and thought it might be an omen, but I don’t believe in omens. Yes the Gnomon is 6 inches long with one inch contrasting blocks, yes I will post something on how it works.
The inside of the cut is quite sharp, the teeth cut on both planes and with a little set makes a sharp inside corner. A week or so later, I needed a turning saw to cut the long gradual curves on the Fiddlehead’s bottom, and actually hacked together a temporary saw from a hacksaw frame and part of a used bandsaw blade.
I used a bandsaw to resaw the oak to useful dimensions, and I used an ancient miniature lathe to turn the handle, toe, and toggle. I have been doing a wee bit of work with a coping saw lately and, well, I have got it to work reasonably well by cutting on the pull stroke, but either I don’t really know what I am doing, or there has to be a better way. His had a very fine blade and very short transition length -from regular position to rolled over- of less than 1 inch.

While I thought the handle a bit small when I was turning it, I find that it falls very naturally into the hand. However, his blades tended to break easily, since the heating takes out the temper of the metal in the transition area and makes it weak. The pins can accommodate blades that already have pins pressed in, or blades that have open eyelets. The Gramercy bow saw is available from Tools for Working Wood as a completed saw for $139.95, or as individual parts. Break the habit of taking short stokes, Use the entire length of the blade and be amazed at how easily the saw works.

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