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That’s why we’re going to help you out, and make sure that you buy exactly the right package for your needs. The only exceptions to this rule are the D-TECT scanner, which has been named that for obvious reasons, the DNM inclinometers, and the DLE basic laser rangefinder. After the initial 3-letter code there are 2 or more numbers that have a variety of meanings. The last few letters (and sometimes numbers) of Bosch codes can mean a whole range of things, so we’ve divided them into handy sections to help you find the one you’re looking for.
Confusing as they are, these codes can work in your favour once you get to know them; they can help you to understand the key specs of a particular tool at a single glance, allowing you to quickly decide whether you should move on or read further for more details. If you’re still not 100% sure you’re getting the exact machine that you need then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0141 883 4794. Get the latest news, special offers and up-coming events from Kelvin Power Tools delivered direct to your inbox. Rotary Drill or Rotatory Drills also called as Hand Drills is another important product of Bosch Power Tools. To enquire about the desired product(s), just check the box and then click “Inquiry Now” button which is provided below. Grampian Power Tools have one of the largest selections of power tools, hand tools, accessories, cutters and finishing products in the North East.

We are the one of the largest Makita & Bosch agents in Aberdeenshire, and offer a full repair and service facility to our clients. 17-21, 2011 - Bosch Power Tools introduces the lightweight 1772-6 Large Angle Grinder (LAG), which offers professional power, proven safety, demonstrated versatility and maximum dependability without breaking the bank. These channels include industrial supply houses, tool specialists, and rental firms, as well as retail hardware stores, mass merchants, and home improvement centers.Professionals and do-it-yourselfers benefited from numerous new tool products and innovations over the years. Users are solely responsible for the facts and accuracy of all information posted and shared on the Site. This disclaimer of liability applies to any damages or injury under any cause of action, including, without limitation, those caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or bug, communication line failure, theft, destruction or alteration of or unauthorized access to the Site or materials on the Site. Sometimes they are short and sweet, like the D-TECT 150 wall and floor scanner, but when you stumble across a code like GOP 18 V-EC N CG it can be pretty hard to know exactly what it is! All Bosch Blue Professional tool codes begin with a G whereas the tool codes in the DIY range begin with a P, which is important to know because each range offers substantial differences in power, durability, price, and overall performance. Some of these letters are abbreviations for German words; for example, the “SB” in “GSB” stands for “schlag bohrer”, which means “impact drill”.
Depending on the tool, these numbers refer to important technical specifications such as motor wattage, disc or pad size, drilling capacity, or voltage.
Don’t forget, sometimes the codes can be made up of many different letters that tell you about many different features! We have expert staff on hand who are very familiar with these codes and will be happy to help you choose the perfect tool for the job. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Hand tools and power tools like hand drill machines, rotary drill machines, impact drill machines, angle grinders, mini angle grinder, hammer drill machines, cut-saw-machine, blower machines are the most famous items of Bosch. Please select the model you would be interested in and forward us your requirement for a quote. The Power Tools, that we provide, include Bosch Power Tools, Dewalt Power Tools, Hitachi Power Tools, and Rally Wolf Power Tools. As the shortest and lightest tool in its class, the LAG offers a superior for Power-to-Weight Ratio, with plenty of muscle to tackle the toughest jobs. PitchEngine reserves the right to reject or hold social media releases that it deems not newsworthy in its judgment, at any time. These details are obviously important for establishing whether the tool you are viewing is appropriate for whatever task you’re looking to complete, so it’s a good idea to get to know them well. These Power Tools are used in various industries like Railway, Paper, Construction, Automobile, Chemical, Thermal & Atomic Power Stations, etc. There is a lot of duplication of these products hence you should be sure of whom you sourcing it to get the original. Its ergonomic design and handling ease provide added comfort, while its size and power make it a versatile tool that can be used for concrete cutting, concrete surfacing and metal cutting, with the proper attachment.The 1772-6 LAG is built with Bosch safety and dependability. Its safety features include a new guard system with a ribbed interface and a tri-control switch to help prevent accidental blade start-ups.

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