Bosch's power tool division is the market leader for portable electric power tools and power tool accessories. Choose a Bosch cordless drill to help complete all of your lightweight drilling and screwdriving jobs around the house. The Bosch corded drill range delivers both power and high performance for working on tough materials such as masonry and concrete. Choose between the Bosch multi sander, orbital sheet sander or powerful belt sander to help you smooth over surfaces all round the house. Bosch offers a range of planers in its Argos shop to help you achieve a fast, precise and efficiently smooth finish.
Bosch offer a digital laser measure and range finder and two electronic set levels though its Argos shop which will make planning your next DIY project a breeze. You probably know Panasonic as the manufacturer of quality consumer electronics, but did you know that they also make some of the best power tools? Being the largest manufacturer of portable power tools in the world, Bosch knows what it’s doing.
Professional quality and high-end, DeWalt power tools are recommended by many construction contractors because of their durability and because they and handle just about any job.
A Japanese company, Makita power tools have been known to be of very high quality and are recommended by may professionals and DIYers alike.

While they may have a slightly unusual design, the quality of Hitachi power tools is unquestionable.
Focusing on high innovation power and customer orientation, Bosch launch a range of power tools to the market each year, continuously improving on its technological achievements. These lithum-ion battery powered tools are designed to help you complete simple odd jobs around the house easily, quickly and accurately.
Equipped with lithium-ion battery technology, Bosch cordless drills hold their charge so they are always ready to use. Look out for drills equipped with the SDS mechanism to help drilling make easy and comfortable. Choose from the Bosch jigsaw, multi-saw or mitre saw to assist you in achieving the perfect cut on your latest project.
The Bosch Argos shop also stocks the PWS 600 angle grinder to use on a variety of cutting, grinding, brushing, sanding or polishing jobs. The Argos shop also stocks Bosch's precision routers which can help you achieve the detailed finish you want on your latest project. The PPR 250 electric paint roller is ideal for smooth surfaces, whereas the PFS 105 E paint spray system is perfect for hard to reach areas and textured walls. The range of tasks these tools will help you to complete is astounding, from cutting laminate to grout removal and detailed sanding.

They are quality and durable construction tools that are able to handle even the toughest of jobs.
They are backed up with a lifetime warranty that covers everything but normal wear and tear. Bosch's lithium-ion technology powers its cordless power tools, offering a lightweight and versatile ready-to-use option. Visit the Argos DIY power tools buying guides to help you chose the right tool for the job. These construction tool brands build high performance tools that are very reliable and can handle the abuse that they should.
Browse all of our fantastic deals from the Bosch range at Argos including Bosch garden tools and kitchen appliances and choose to either reserve or buy online. Whether you are a professional contractor or just a DIYer, you will appreciate what these brands bring to the table.

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