You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Just a few months after announcing their new 10-inch Axial-Glide Miter Saw, Bosch is continuing to expand their miter saw line with the addition of the new CM8S 8-Inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw. The CM8S shares many of the design features that are found on other Bosch Miters saws, such as: large easy-to-read miter and bevel scales, miter detents with easy override, and expanding side bases (wings) that increase the size of the table from 18 to 29 inches.
A new Bosch 8″ single bevel sliding compound miter saw (CM8S) is soon hitting the market.
Thus far I can only see one potential cause for hesitation: the availability of replacement blades (or lack thereof).
I would expect this new saw to appeal to users who would otherwise look at 10″ sliding and non-sliding miter saws. This post was originally published on Aug 1st, 2013, and was republished with minor updates on Jan 24th, 2014.
The glide system would me better because it allows you to put the saw up right against a wall or anything else. With Dewalt miter saws, they probably figure a lot of users will be using them with a miter saw stand or similar. Personally, I like the option of having built-in extensions, unless of course they’re poorly designed in an attempt to save costs. I was thinking about like you said dewalt might expect users to use miter stands as a reason for not including the extensions but they should atleast throw in the clamp. Many if not most miter saws are bundled with starter blades that are meant for rough framing cuts.
Cutting Ipe decking and some other materials dull blades quickly – so have extra fresh blades on hand for big jobs. With a well adjusted saw, a superior blade and zero-clearance set-up – a chop saw can do nearly perfect miters. The same is true for cutting lots of wet pressure treated lumber – and then turning around to do case work. I’m not a professional carpenter, but have done my share of home improvement and maintanence.
For me, even if I was doing baseboard or flooring, I’d still want the saw on a stand with proper material support. We provide in-depth miter saw reviews and prices to help you find the best possible saw for the best possible price. Thanks to its 15.0 amp motor, able to generate 5,000 RPMs, the Hitachi C10FCE2 miter saw is able to make high precision cuts even through tough materials.
If you think about buying a new miter saw, you should take your time and read this review of the Dewalt 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw.
The Bosch GCM1SD 120-Volt is a 12 inch Bevel miter saw that features the excellent design of Bosch’s Axial Gliding system.
If you have never used one of these saws before, you might be interested in learning exactly how they work before you go shopping for one. These saws are hand-powered, and they have remained similar in form and function for many years. If you plan to use your saw all day or handle thick pieces, you will be happy that you invested in a powered saw. To make your buying decision a bit more complex, you should know that powered miter saws come with varying degrees of power. There is not just one kind of miter saw, and you need to decide what you will want to accomplish with your tool before you make a decision. If you are not quite ready to decide to purchase a saw that many cost you a few hundred dollars, you may want to take the opportunity to rent or borrow one.
If you have not worked with wood before, you may not know if you should invest a few extra dollars in a more expensive saw or not, so it helps to get the feel of different brands and types before you make a purchase decision. If you take the time to learn about various features of these saws, decide which kind that you want, and get the feel of using them, you should be able to select the right miter saw for your needs and preferences. It is also very important to remember that miters saws are dedicated to making crosscuts and miters. Even though manual miter saws have been largely replaced with powered miter saws, some woodworkers still reply upon manual ones for small and fine jobs like cutting picture frames. Of course, power miter saws are more commonly found in the hands of serious craftsmen, carpenters, and professionals. Cuts are made by the miter saw having a round and spinning blade that can descend upon the piece to be cut.
Common miter saws allow users to make adjustments of one degree, and this is fine for the majority of applications. If you go with the popular choice and select a powered saw, you will also have a choice of power levels.
Before you cut that expensive piece of molding, it is always a good idea to run some test cuts on some scraps of wood.
Even if you plan to use a miter saw all the time, it might be helpful to rent a few different models to see which ones you like to work with. Ironically, at less than $300, this is still quite a bit cheaper than most of Bosch’s corded miter saw lineup. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments.
Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues. This topic contains 105 replies, has 20 voices, and was last updated by  Nyx 2 years ago.
The pic of the saw I grabbed off the net but the arrow shows the area of the saw that had the failure.
The only times that I have had any kickback on a miter saw is when the material is floating above the table, at the point of cutting. I had kickback on mine that took out my laser, but I shouldn’t have been cutting the piece as small as I was.
Sometimes if the piece isn’t nested properly on the fence or there is a small gap between the fence and material as soon as the blade touches the material it will grab it and slam it into the back of the saw. Wowwy that sucks, Having never seen that saw in person I really don’t know what failed by the pics but I sure hope ya get it figured out on what really caused it. This is my third sliding saw; the others were a DeWalt, which was stolen (FROM me, not BY me), and a lower-end Craftsman, which I still own and use, mostly for framing carpentry. On the Tyler Tools web site, 39 people reviewed this saw, and all but one would recommend it to a friend.
The saw IS heavy and large, and can be awkward to carry around, but just consider that the dues you have to pay for owning this powerhouse. Speaking of accurate, it’s a rarity to buy a new saw and not have to make at least minor squaring adjustments before using it, but the Bosch was good to go right out of the box.
One advantage of such a big saw is the size of the table; with the on-board sliding extensions, you get 40” of support for your work. I think you’re right, Ryan – a couple of hundred bucks is way cheaper than back surgery! Patented axial-glide system durable precision consistent precision over tool life compact workspace saves up to 12 in. Integrated expanding base extensions 60% more left-to-right material support than leading competitor 40 in. Bosch says they are answering user demands by coming out with a lightweight compact saw for greater jobsite convenience and portability.
Another thing I find appealing about this saw is how it’s small but not stripped-down in terms of features. It’s hard to say sometimes just based on a list of features and a couple of product images. It definitely offers impressive cutting capacity, although I wonder why Bosch designed this saw with linear rails instead of the axial glide mechanism which seems to work pretty darned well.

The only thing I could think of why they didn’t design it with that is weight or cost. Or maybe Dewalt doesn’t bundle extensions with their saws purely to keep costs and prices as low as possible. Even with extensions or supports from a miter stand, boards do move slightly while being cut if not clamped down and instead held down with a hand. We bought our first saw at our local distributor – for just this reason and brought a couple of Starrett squares with us when we went to pick it up. This article is my first introduction to the Bosch CM8S and I’m looking to replace an old Makita LS0714. They might say that it lets you pick and choose your options – and save money if you don’t want the add-ons. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea – I find it smooth operating with no slop – and it allows the saw to fit closer to walls in a shop. The CM12 also offers enhanced cutting capacity and boasts a strategically-located side bevel lock lever for quick easy adjustment and integrated expanding material support for un-matched cutting versatility.Similar to the GTS1031 table saw, the CM12’s lightweight and compact design make its balanced one-handed carry handle the perfect addition. This corded electric saw is manufactured in Mexico and it has excellent ratings on Amazon, being the fifth in its category. Despite its power, this table saw is very smooth in operation, thanks to its soft start mechanism and to its efficient brake system. Thanks to this system and to its pre aligned square-lock fences, this saw is able to function for a very long time without problems.
It isn’t cheap, but its price is definitely worth it, as its impressive features, integrated design and high efficiency make this saw one of the best tools in the Bosch portfolio.
It is used for making crosscuts, or miter cuts, usually to join two pieces together neatly.
There are manual and powered miter saws, and there are also three basic types of either kind. The wood cuts get created when the miter saw’s spinning and round blade drops down to make the cut. Even though powered saws are gaining popularity with woodworkers, manual saws are still chosen by people who want to perform a craft in the old-fashioned way. Some of these saws can do the work of others, but you may actually need more than one kind of saw to accomplish different jobs. These saws can usually be set to produce precise cuts from 45 degrees either to the left or the right.
This also gives you a chance to try out some different brands to find the one that pleases you the most. Even though the use of these classic tools is fairly simple, it can take a while to gain skill and confidence with any new tool.
While you can check out a lot of different models and brands and price levels at local home improvement or hardware stores, you may be able to find a larger selection on the Internet. A miter, by the way, describes a joint that gets formed by cutting the two sections to get joined in a bevel, and usually, at a 45 degree angle to each other. Some enthusiasts of woodworking in the most traditional ways still use manual miter saws for all types and sizes of projects. However, some saws that are meant for very precise work have stops that can set the blade to fractions of degrees, so this is handy. Typically, it can be set to make a cut from 45 degrees to the left to 45 degrees to the right.
This saw just gets pushed through the piece that is getting cut, and it can saw through much wider material than either standard or compound miter saws. If you just need to make simple cuts on small pieces, a standard and manual saw could serve you very well.
This is true if you are new to using a miter saw, and it is also true if you have experience but have never used this particular saw or made this particular cut before.
This is something you mount on a bench (with permanent power) or you run all day long on a site.
It happened in a split second but what I believe happened is the wood kicked back into the fence. I can see how having a gap under the wood or not up tight against the fence (or both) would cause a kickback.
It’s about half the weight of the Bosch, and much easier to transport, if not quite as solid and accurate. That’s a pretty kick-ass endorsement, in my view; when you spend close to $600 on a tool, you have high expectations, and obviously these folks all agreed the Bosch delivered. Think of it as your upper body conditioning device…on our scale, the saw came in just over 60 pounds of wood-rippin’ Teutonic-Taiwanese engineering (is anything NOT made in China, or thereabouts, anymore??).
Using the Bosch side-by-side with the Craftsman really illustrates the differences in quality—from how much more smoothly the Bosch glides on its rails, how much more stable and solid it feels, to how much easier it is to make and lock in adjustments, both in miter and (especially) in bevel. Frequently, you need to make a cut that’s a degree or so off the detent setting, but when you try to lock it in, the table clicks into the detent slot. The electric brake stops the blade quickly, so you can get your cut piece out and get on with your life.
The Bosch 5312 is heavy and big, and the stock blade could be better, but according to just about everyone who owns one, myself included, these are its only faults. Get the gravity rise stand to go with it and you won’t have to worry about lifting it anymore and it’ll make any job a breeze! Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw features the smooth cutting motion, accurate performance and space-saving design of Bosch's patented Axial-Glide System. Robert Bosch Tool Corporation utilizes a global manufacturing strategy, which incorporates a global network of suppliers with our worldwide manufacturing locations in countries such as Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, China and the United States. At 37-pounds, Bosch designed the saw to be carried with only one hand using a well-balanced top handle with a soft grip for added comfort.
But with a $469 price tag (as per Amazon’s preorder product listing), the saw had better be a solid performer.
I also like how the Festool Kapex and Hitachi miter saws put the rails in such a way the tool slides forward it just allows a better for more options on how you set up your saw. This later feature is not of any value if you primarily set up on a lawn or driveway – where a convention slider will do fine. Whether navigating through doorways, stairwells or just moving back and forth from a vehicle, professionals always have a hand free making getting on and off the jobsite while transporting the saw easier than ever.The CM12’s best-in-class, all-around cutting capacity allows remodelers, deck builders, carpenters and contractors alike to achieve accurate, efficient cuts at any angle. We will take many factors into consideration when creating these reviews, build quality, pricing, safety features. If there is a particular saw your looking at contact us and we’ll do our best to get it reviewed.
The system can be easily locked in any angle, thus being able to perform very difficult cuts. After a thorough comparison of the main products in this category, we can safely say that this saw is the best in terms of price to value ratio. In addition, the soft grip handle allows the user a comfortable position and a good control over the tool. Standard saws also have locking devices and sales, so you can be certain that you are making consistent and accurate cuts.
It is worth it to make practice cuts on scrap pieces of material to learn what to expect when it comes time to work with expensive materials.
On the other hand, it is difficult, but possible, to use a straight saw to make miter cuts.
Even though these saws are powered, they are usually fairly light and have blades that are no longer than eight to twelve inches. These saws come with a scale and a locking device to ensure that the device stays aligned correctly. If you desire to make more intricate cuts or plan to use your saw to cut larger materials, you will surely want to invest in a compound or sliding saw. If you need to cut very large or tough pieces, you may need to buy a saw with higher ratings than this typical example.

Even though miter saws work in a fairly intuitive way, you will be happy that you worked the bugs out of your technique before you made complex cuts on expensive wood. If you are not sure that you will use the saw regularly, but you need a very expensive model for your project, you may choose to borrow or rent one to try it out.
When it hit the top extendable fence I have come to find out that it blew out the aluminum track. I am thinking more likely that not they will they must have seen this a bunch of times already. I’ve only used a miter saw for trim work and never had a problem but I can see how dangerous bigger stock would be.
I’ve had the Bosch for about two years now, and although I really like the job it does, I must confess that unless it’s already at the job site or on the truck, or I have a lot of trim cuts to make, my lazy butt (and aching back) is usually more inclined to grab the old Craftsman. Lift this thing out of your truck every day and schlep it up a flight of stairs, and you can retire your bow-flex. The big, ambidextrous handle is a great touch, making the saw easy to operate with either hand.
The 4 ?” tall fence gives good support for cutting crown moulding or baseboard, and for such a powerful saw, it’s pretty quiet.
The size and weight give it great stability, and for a saw as well designed and functional as this one, I’ll happily clear some extra space, and find a back brace—or better yet, delegate the younger guys—when it comes time to relocate it. Pre-aligned Square lock fences help the saw maintain precision throughout its life and a soft-grip ambidextrous handle and combination dust chute and vacuum adaptor provide user comfort. I know that the quality aspect is very important, however Chinese products have consistently not lived up to the standards of other countries such as USA, Germany, or even Japan. Our manufacturing facilities around the globe are all owned and operated by the Bosch Group and maintain the highest quality standards.
With 12 amps of power and a no-load rpm of 5,600, the fast blade speed should make the saw ideal for cutting trim and other woodwork. I guess people have gotten accustomed or managed to not having any but in many cases especially when doing precise work these are essential.
The table was flat (maybe not as flat as a granite surface plate) enough for good trim carpentry, the blade detents were good at 90 and 45L & R , the blade was square to the base at 0 degrees bevel and both side fences were in alignment.
My dislikes, if I had to find some are that it is a little deep(i knew this before bying though). This 12-inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw isn’t cheap, but it is worth every single penny, as it provides a great durability and a gentle precision, being suitable for virtually any kind of jobs that require a saw. In addition, the preset miter stops enable the user to set the most common cut angles with only a move of the thumb. It has so many additional features and such a powerful motor, that you can use it for virtually any kind of cutting job. Thanks to all these features, to its dust chute and to its easy to read bevel, this saw is able to perform highly accurate cuts. Miter saws cannot be used for long rips, but it is very effective at cutting pieces at very accurate angle. If you have a particular cut that you often, but not be included in the standard stops, you should look for a good saw that allows you to set custom stops.
In the miter saw’s standard operating position, the angle will be fixed at ninety degrees.
Of course, some saws can be set to custom angles that the user may often have need for, and this can save a lot of time. I haven’t been able to talk to Bosch yet but I will be giving a tech a call in the morning to discuss. Equipped with a good finish blade, it can still do a passable job (for framing, anyhow), and it’s a whole lot easier to wrestle around.
A saw this capable deserves a better blade, and before I tear into my mountain of flooring and trim, I’ll be bolting on a new Freud. The up-front controls are another time and aggravation saver, eliminating a lot of bending and reaching around behind the saw to change angles; quick, easy and accurate. The degree markings are cast into the unit, not just painted on or done with a decal, so they’ll be around awhile. The Bosch isn’t a cheap saw, but it’s damn sure a good one, and having spent a LOT of money on tools over the years, I’ve learned that you’ll seldom regret buying the best you can afford.
The saw also offers a large cutting capacity, easy-to-read bevel and miter scales with detents at common angles and easy-access up-front controls. For me, I do expect quality in my tools, but the fact that the production work has been removed from the United States is upsetting. You can be assured that whatever country your Bosch product was made in, it will be made with the quality you would expect from Bosch. The only thing the Bosch CM8S doesn't have is the up-front controls that are found on their larger miters saws. And that the laser lens cover becomes dusty real fast and needs to be cleened (one screw really no hassle). Its no-load speed on 4,000 RPM is something to consider, as it makes this saw an excellent tool for cutting through difficult materials. The miter scales feature dents at the most commonly used angles, for a very fast setting of the tool whenever needed, thus leading to a bigger cutting capacity.
Its power and versatility make it the first choice of many DIY lovers and carpentry professionals who want a reliable tool to use for various jobs.
If you need to make precision cuts in larger or heavier pieces, you can also purchase more powerful miter saws. For doing crown mould, though, or trim that will be stained rather than painted (so caulk can’t come to the rescue), it’s the Bosch every time. This saw is well-made enough that I won’t be surprised if it outlasts me (not that THAT’S such a high bar), but if for some reason it doesn’t, it will be at the top of the list of contenders for a replacement. Instead the controls have been moved to the side of the saw, which is still better than having them located on the back of the saw.
Moreover, this table saw has a very low level of vibration, thanks to its horizontal soft grip. In addition, the 3 year limited warranty is one more reason to choose Dewalt among all brands in this category. All you need is a touch and you can adjust your saw for a new angle, the entire process taking only a fraction of a second. By choosing the Bosch 5312 miter saw, you can be sure you are going to be able to cut everything you need in a very effective and accurate manner. I have 60-plus cases of prefinished ?” oak flooring to install on my current project, along with oak baseboards, window and door trim, and the Bosch has dibs on every splinter of it. You can find the Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw for just over $560 on Amazon.
I expect that the US jobs aspect is the reason this question was asked and is frequently asked about almost every tool. I think that the first one we bought was made in Taiwan – and the last one (bought this year) came from China. An integrated, 37-inch expanding work piece support extends to the left or right of the saw to add material support, while an ambidextrous trigger handle allows users to comfortably operate the saw during extended use.The Bosch CM12 comes with a vacuum-ready dust chute and an adjustable dust elbow vacuum adaptor attachment that connects the saw to a dust bag to ensure all dust created during use is safely collected.
This grip is also excellent for the control of the system, thus enabling precision cuts, hard to equal by other devices. These details are very important when it comes to such jobs, so there’s no wonder this tool is one of the most appreciated in its class.
This saw arrived on our loading dock in good shape (some Amazon comments talk about shipping issues) – and needed only minor tweaking to adjust the bevel settings.

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